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Cat in Menopause

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What the hell are you doing? Haven't I told you not to cross me this week? My hormones are raging man!!!! Have you lost your mind? You're blocking my sun! Don't you know that I need that melatonin? My pineal gland needs the sunlight. It keeps me happy! Ha! HA! Freaking Ha! No! I didn't say penis fool! I said pineal gland. My ovaries aren't producing, my estrogen is low, my testosterone is high and I could outshave you! My hypothalmus gland is going crazy one minute I think "Damn i wish I hadn't gotten groomed for the third time this week." the next minute....... It's HOTTER than seven hells!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit man do you hear me? My islets of Langerhans aren't working. My metabolism has slowed down so much. I always feel bloated. Do you think I look fat honey? "Well, I don't know, do you feel fat?" I knew it! I knew! I saw you looking at that little hussy across the street! Just because I'm not in the mood to turn my tail up everyday anymore!!! It's not my fault that my androgens aren't what they used to be. I ought to kick you in your testes! Be afraid, Be very afraid. This mood swings are dangerous I tell you. The glands are going crazy man Get with the program man! Go to the drug store and get me my hormone pills now! Hurry while you still have legs! Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. You know I love you. It's these damn mood swings. One minute I'm sad, then happy, then angry. Am I going crazy? Uh.hummmmmm.....I think it's a little late for that don't you? Say what you know you love me... Go get my pills!!!!!!!

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Country: United States
Language: English
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Producer: Gigi Smith
Director: Gigi Smith
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Posted by: gigismith on Oct 25, 2012

A cat approaches her mate during a hormonal tirade.

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