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Mount Everest - Why do we exist here on Earth?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A Chat with Mt. Everest This is mount Everest communicating with you here in the interdimensional portal to give you perspective of my experience specifically with regards to the, observation of- human beings there are human beings that, set out on a- quest, to conquer the mountain mount Everest and, it is fascinating observing such being's mind set because in such an act it is making the absurd statement, of believing that, you have power and control, and choice and free will within this manifested physical reality and human beings participating in such a quest make a statement of, apparently having achieved something when climbing a mountain, such as the manifested expression of myself of this mount Everest merely reflect, the stupidity of man my question when observing this was: What it is that you want to prove? what is it that we're actually doing here? and this question, I asked myself all I am all that I am is a manifestation, a manifested expression of and as a mountain what can I prove? is there anything for me to prove? is there anything for me to do? is there anything for me to be? can I be anything? can I do anything? and (sigh) in observing human being, I asked myself the question what is it that drives you? to do something as stupid as, climbing a mountain to prove what? that you did it? that- you survived? deliberately putting yourself, literally in the hands of what? climbing a mountain, within which you have minimal, chances of survival it- I just, couldn't understand it I couldn't make sense of it but then I realize something that we don't know what it is, that we're doing we don't know why we are here there is no, reason there is no purpose there is no why there is no structural practical specific way that you can in any way sensically- common sensically explain why we exist you can make up stories you can design it for yourself, to be how and what you want it to be as the answer you would perceived it to be but if you have a look at, everything you do within your world, within your reality and I'd shoot out the question: Why? that you will find that no reason you will find no purpose you will find that you are just doing it and the question within that is: Why (laugh) you always just doing it? what, is going on in this reality in this existence? what are we? how are we? why are we? am I just this manifested, expression of and as a mountain? where and how, did our, separation originated from that all that human being see me as the manifested mountain to conquer to, prove that: I have survived and, apparently this is seen as fun? as (sigh) testing the, definition the limitation of the physical? of man? of human being? (sigh) I have one thing, to say: to the modest, and that is that: we have become so selfish each one has become so selfish, that all that they exist, within and as is their locked in tunnel vision, of what they want to attain to or 'prove' or become or experience within this reality within this world that no one, actually sees or realize as another beings are too busy wanting to climb conquer mountains, that you don't actually realize, what is going on what is existence within this reality, in this world within which you experience yourself but you out there, climbing mountains instead of realizing that climbing mountains is the most irrelevant nonsense ego stupid thing to do I have no particular point to make but to say that investigate that your selfishness, and stop and take into consideration in this entire existence, as yourself as all as one as equal and open your eyes thank you More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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