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Power of Common Sense: Peer Review in Science Questioned

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as reported by the 'bell fast' telegraph: Scientist reverse aging process a verge reverse aging has been discovered which allows 'withered' muscle to rebuild itself, by turning back a biological 'clock' the effect has already been demonstrated, on human muscle tissue in the laboratory Scientists in the US. believe the breakthrough could lead to 'new treatments' that rejuvenate and strengthen aging bodies or combat, to generative diseases their findings also underline, the importance of staying 'active', for older people Since this reduce, age related muscle lost what 'practical' value, does money and time 'spent' on ways to reverse the aging process have? when at this very moment, millions of people exist in poverty without 'food' to nourish themselves what 'practical value' does money and time spend on prolong the Lifes of the 'elderly' of the world 'have'? when at this very moment, 'children' are sick, and dying of malnutrition, and famine Why is it that 'poverty', starvation, circumstances of desperation and misery experienced by human beings is 'accepted', and not given priority attention? why has a solution 'not been found', to the suffering and death of millions of human beings, that occurs at this very moment Why is, 'combating' the aging process, and retaining a youthful body and appearance giving 'funding' and attention, as a priority area of scientific research, and development who is 'reviewing' such research? who is proving the funds? No doubt, those who would want to prolong their own Life does not the acceptance of such area of research, and development as having 'priority', over the end of 'starvation', and death of millions of children revealed that the majority of the scientific community, is not considering the 'betterment', and wellbeing of humanity Despite! it claims to be doing so Does it not revealed, that the majority of the scientific community, is programmed not to see 'common sense', and consider what actually 'requires' our attention in this reality what actually requires 'a solution', above all else does it not also revealed that the majority of 'human beings' are 'programmed', not to see common sense and do not regard, the major problems of humanity, as 'priority concerns' Peer review is part of the problem it is common sense, that funding and support should be given to those areas of research and development, which exist within the starting point of establishing and implementing 'solutions', for the betterment of Life for all human beings 'equally' In this, the primary problems of starvation, 'lack', non-access to electricity health care and education, should be given 'absolute priority' within the considerations, of those who are 'reviewing' and deciding the 'value', and attention, given to proposed scientific research and development because it is 'common sense', that until humanity as a whole sorts out its equilibrium, and 'correct' the current design of the world system - which is inequality, self-interest, and 'disregard' for the suffering of the 'many' in favor of giving attention, to the 'wants' and 'desires' of the few with 'money' that 'any claim' by science, to exist with the betterment and wellbeing of humanity is a dishonest, and delusional statement however it is 'seen' that peer review which 'should', be undertaken by a community of human beings as 'peers' equal in the consideration, of what 'best' supports humanity, 'as a whole' in common 'sense', not influenced or limited, by personal motives, self-definitions a pre-defined knowledge base, desires, beliefs or opinions it's rather undertaken, by a group of people existing within 'the same' or similar knowledge base, and ideology as those, submitting their ideas and research for review yet within a definition of peer review, it is stated: that a community of experts in a given 'field - is required' who are qualified, to perform an impartial review the only impartiality evident is the impartiality towards, what in common 'sense', should be considered within a 'review' of any 'proposed' area of scientific research, funding and development which is what actually is considering 'a solution' to the priority problems of humanity, at this moment it is evident that human beings are 'programmed', to accept science and scientists to exist, apart from the rest, within their own bubble of 'superiority' as knowledge and that the majority of human beings do not take it upon themselves, to evaluate the starting point of science within seeing, what actually considers 'the betterment' of the Lifes of all humanity as 'a whole', as equals this reveals, that human beings do not take it upon themselves, to evaluate their own starting point and that all exist, within the consideration of only their own, 'personal-interests' and it is also evident, in the nature of the majority of scientific 'research' that within a scientific community, the common sense evaluation of one's starting point within considering, if the research being participated in Actually is 'relevant', to the points in this world that require attention, is neglected What is needed is a 'community', a group of people that take it upon themselves to evaluate, and purify their own starting point through self-honesty and common 'sense' and to evaluate the starting point of 'actions' taken by all the major institutions of this world within the consideration, of what actually supports the 'wellbeing', of all humanity what is needed, is a group of people willing to develop 'common sense' in all ways and to take the action required to 'spread awareness' - that there exist a monstrous 'waste' of resources and 'money' within the 'pursuit' of research and development, in areas of science and other institutions resources and 'money', that could be used to achieve an 'equal' quality, and standard of Life, for all humanity It's time to wake up from the delusion of belief, that 'science' is here for the benefit of humanity It's time to ask the question: Where is the voice of the people? and isn't that the people's "duty"? isn't it "our" duty? to 'be the voice' of those in this world, who are not able 'to have a voice' For discussion visit: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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