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Diamond Sutra 101 - Lecture 01 of 12 by Monk Hyungak

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(Intro music) (Intro: who is Hyungak) Good afternoon everybody. Welcome to Hwagyesa. Today, we're going to start teachings on Diamond Sutra. Diamond Sutra is one of the most famous and well-known by name. Sutra is in Buddhist canon. Everybody knows the name of Diamond Sutra It is one of the oldest books ever printed. It is one of the most influential teachings in Asia. It has actually shaped Asian consciousness. And also it is in the west very popular. The Diamond Sutra is very short, but the sutra contains all of the teachings all of the teachings of every religion, all of the teachings of every religion, every philosophical traditions. So, we're going to look at it, but this is not an intellectual series of talks. I are not in academic. I don not have any sort of training in Buddhist Sutras. I am just a zen monk, just a meditation monk. This is not going to be academically correct. In fact, I will probably make many mistakes. That's actually one of the teachings of Diamond sutra, emptiness of all things. As we look at this, don't expect academically intellectual lecture. It is not that. It is using the Diamond sutra to point at our practice. I am offering this up to you for meditation practice, not to your habit of conceptual thinking. I hope all of you receive that in your life. Let's open up and look at the Diamond sutra and see what has to say to us. First of all, I do want to say about the Diamond sutra that I do want to say about the Diamond sutra that it is although a part of mahayaha traditions, It is believed that Buddha may have spoken this around the age of between 55 and 75 years old. Buddha died when he was around 80 years old. It was near the end of his life when sutra was given. As we talked about some of other teachings, the Diamond sutra is part of mahayana tradition. But its basic point, its basic teaching is the teaching of emptiness. Emptiness...Not emptiness in the sense of we understand as a kind of absence, or lack or negative quality. Actually he's talking about fundamental emptiness of all substance. The emptiness of ego identity, the emptiness of will, the emptiness of any kind of I. Therefore, also the emptiness of charity. So we will find as we're doing this. Everything he talks about in this can be found in any Buddhist traditions or christian traditions as well. However, it is done very concisely. You can read this Diamond sutra in 30 minutes. If you drink some coffee, it may take 20 or 25 minutes. But its smallness is not an indication of any lack of depth. Actually, it is perhaps the deepest teaching you'll ever read. It only points to emptiness, so that free from ego, free from this false I, free from delusion, free from suffering because it is all empty. We can function to help suffering beings. So, basic teaching about emptiness, very amazing teaching. Although it is a small sutra, it is very deep. I will do my best to convey its meaning to you to help you practice. We open up, look at the first chapter of the Diamond sutra. It says, Thus, I have heard, Upon a time, Buddha sojourned in Anathanpindika's park of Sravasti. with the great company of bhiksus even 1250. One day, at the time breaking fast, the world honored one robed and carrying his bowl carrying his bowl and made his way to the great city of Sravasti to beg for his food. In the midst of a city, he begged door to door according to rule. This done. He returned to his retreat and took his meal. When he finished, he put away his robe bagging robe, washed his feet, arranged his seat and sat down. very interesting for the first chapter. it looks like we're ready for reading Diamond sutra, ready for Buddha's speak. I used to pass over this. I just read over the Diamond sutra a few time. Every time I read it, I just passed through right this. ..... okay. what is in the next page? Actually, this first chapter of Diamond sutra is the whole Diamond sutra. The whole meaning of the Diamond sutra is this chapter. This is the whole teaching. It is the whole teaching. It seems stupid. It seems doesn't mean anything. It is showing us. The Buddha is just showing, mindful action. That's all. T'is very mindful action. Not special. We think Buddhism is something special. We think meditation practice is something special. We think religious practice is something special. That's why Jesus had to do miracle to make people up, because people want something special happens. Therefore, he became special. But, Buddha was not like that. Also, Jesus was not like that. Jesus does special things, doing this. and says, This is not my real job. This special stuff. Magic stuff. That's not real teaching. But you have little faith. So, I have to do this. Same thing with this. Doesn't look special. But the whole first chapter, only this is the Diamond sutra. Only this. You thought the Diamond sutra is small. Only this thick. Actually it is thinner than that. The Diamond sutra is shorter than that. It is just the first chapter. You can memorize it in five minutes. Why? Why is this Diamond sutra? All of you may think something mystery Why does he sadi that the Diamond sutra ...some secret teaching that is going to be revealed? Actually, there is no secret teaching. This is the Diamond sutra, this first chapter. Everything we do after today is almost the waste of time. Because in this, what does the Buddhist teaching. Let's look at it. Thus, I have heard. Upon a time, Buddha sojourned in Anathanpindika's park of Sravasti. with the great company of bhiksus even 1250.

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Probably the easiest talk on Diamond Sutra. Explained in casual conversation and not intended to be scholarly discussion about the subject. Dialogue by Monk Hyungak (Paul Muenzen) with Korean subtitle. Buddhism

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