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Just Wright (2010)

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Hello Donzel. (man) What do you do? I'm a physical therapist at a rehabilitation center. (man) I had such a great time tonight! Oh, me too. Maybe next time we could catch a movie or... I just got out of a relationship, you know? So you're not emotionally ready Exactly. You know we can still.... (both) hangout. Yea, I mean you're... (both) good people. (woman) How was the date? He thought I made the perfect homegirl. I'm just being my regular self. You are not supposed to show him your regular self until you've been married for 5 years. Now, this is how you get a man. I told you to wear a dress. To a basketball game? Yeah. (announcer) People here want to see Scott McKnight. [cheer] (friend) You saw Scott McKnight at a gas station? He couldn't even open up the gas tank until I hooked him up. You got plans Saturday night? (friend) What kind of car did he drive? Girl! (man) Happy Birthday. Scott, this is Morgan. (Scott) Hey. [cameras clicking] (friend) A girl doesn't just become the wife of a franchise player by accident. (announcer) The Net's luck couldn't get any worse. (assistant) I got a physical therapist coming by the house - they callher the miracle worker. (Scott) Oh, that feels good. Some women have gay-dar - I have ho-dar. Leslie, the job is yours. (Leslie) I have an NBA player's career in my hands. (Scott) You really think you can get me back? Yeah, but you're gonna hate me by the time I'm through with you. ♪ I don't even care no more ♪ There's a rumor going around that the Net's aren't going to re-sign you. I can't date some player off the bench. You're not staying? Have you lost your damn mind? ♪ but we're not gonna bow down ♪ What the...! Get up!. What are you doing? Okay, Okay! ♪ turn this thing around ♪ ♪ I know, I believe, everybody gonna ♪ Hold up, I'm gettin' a call. It's long distance. [cheers] Eyes closed from half court, swish! Let me get another... The rest of these is mine, Stop playin'. [doorbell] Hi. I'm so sorry I left you. Please give us another chance. After the work she did with you, she's become a hot commodity. Five teams offer her a training position. (mother) You runnin' from somethin' I'm not running from anything. ♪ Champion ♪ (Scott) How about dinner someplace nice. (Leslie) You better be packin' somethin' in that wallet. I'm not one of those salad-eatin' chicks. ♪ I'm a champion (champion) ♪ [Captions by]

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