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Video Spontini - Intervista a Massimo Innocenti. Antonio Lopopolo

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I'm Massimo Innocenti, CEO of Spontini Holding, a Milanese company set up years ago, which here in the city stands for pizza by the slice, the pizza of Milan: Spontini. Spontini is a long story, a long love affair, the story of a lifetime, good times and bad, about 40 years to date, and I am the latest representative, because after my father, the family, my grandparents, my uncles and everyone who worked here before me, today I'm the person taking the company forward. As a boy, I hated the work, I wanted to change the world, then as always happens the world changed me and I ended up working for my father, in the family business in Via Spontini, we began a learning path, an education, which continues today, it's been a wonderful experience, from a pretty difficult, even desperate start, for a restless 20-year old who wanted to see the world and couldn't settle in a shop but then it all turned into a passion and into a business that is still growing today and exporting its brand all around the world. They weren't so much sacrifices as life lessons. Knowing every detail about the product and being absolutely in control of the production system, the cooking system, the sales system, enabled us, enabled me to select the right people to work with in order to grow. Today of course sitting at a desk has advantages in terms of time, of quality of life, and disadvantages because our concerns and worries have increased out of all proportion. My father of course was the key figure, unfortunately he is alone now, my mother died a few years ago, but everything that I know today, that we know we owe it to him, and to his father, my grandfather, who moved here to the north from Tuscany in the early 1900s and developed a restaurant concept. My father handed the business on to me, the pizzeria in Via Spontini, but he saw that sometimes I was rather not sufficiently focused on what I could be doing, and one evening at supper my father gave me a real dressing down. He said I hadn't understood and that I wasn't developing what he had left me that I was just maintaining it, not destroying it, because it had never been like that, but I had something with huge potential, I was at the wheel of a racing car, but I was just idling around the streets. This led me to look for new stimuli and from there the desire to create a chain began.

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Video Spontini - Intervista a Massimo Innocenti. Antonio Lopopolo

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