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Who is Kali? Sadhguru

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Kali...? the goddess...? Kali is trouble. That one is too troublesome You need a different kind of skill to manage a woman like that Because, in India, various kinds of gods, goddesses especially have been created When I say 'created', this is an unbound energy. But, certain beings who wanted to use this for certain purposes in certain directions... ...when they have a certain sense of crystalised consciousness, they created certain forms. ...some pleasant, some fierce, some other ways, so that they could be used for specific dimensions of your life It is like, education is education. But now you have so many branches, is n't it? well established Otherwise, there was a time when education means everybody learnt everything. Now it is all specializations isn't it? Like this, they made energy to different ways, so that it is available to different people in different ways they need it for certain aspects of their life. Kali is a very fierce one. In many ways, she is very easiliy approachable compared to other forms much more easily approachable But, at the same time, very very fierce when you invite somebody very fierce and if you don't know how to manage, it may eat you up. There are others which are even more fierce. Terrible ones are there. But they all have a purpose These all have been created by certain yogis in the past. They have crystalised them and they are just there. They can become a reality for you, if you, you know, do certain processes to attract that kind of energy to you. It can become a living reality for you Kali is not just some goddess you believe in. She can walk in front of you. Because, once you create the necessary energy body and leave it, Now, if you want, you can build a physical body over it For example, I was saying, Dhyanalingam is the energy body of the highest kind of being In theory, it is possible that if we want we can build a physical body for it In theory, it's possible It involves too much work and it is not worth while in the end What's the point creating another human being? Right now, the only reason why you do not experience in the way I am is.. because I am in a physical body and I speak like you and do things like you if I was in some other form, it would be so much easier for people because, now you don't. Because, once you see somebody as human being, he has to fit into your logical ways, isn't it? If he doesn't fit into your logical ways, you won't see him as enlightened, you will see him as crazy So, there is no advantage in creating a physical body. But, Kali is a certain dimension of that energy Dhyanalingam includes all dimensions. It's a different thing But, Kali is a certain dimension They created it and left it loose so, it's been enshrined in many places in certain ways one can approach it, very powerful force in the existence and Kali is not the only one. There are others - Lakini, Rakini, Lagini... there are so many of them which are all part of the yogic lore and yogic traditions But, usually we don't enter those places with people. Because for most people it is not needed. such things. Its only for people who want to do certain things in the world who need to know these things. others who are just seeking their own liberation, need not even believe such things, need not even enter such spaces Because, it has so many complexities Its like trying to play the creator, you know it's too many complexities

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru who Kali is. Sadhguru discusses Kali, Gods, Goddesses, Beings and Energies. (SaO99)

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