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DROID X by Motorola Delivers Rich Web Experiences

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[FLASH on:] [James Ward - Adobe Technical Evangelist] In this video I'm going to show you some great Flash content on this DROID X mobile device. You're going to learn how to use to be able to talk to people about what the benefit of having Flash running on a mobile device is. You can get the full desktop-like experience of Flash on a mobile device. For devices that don't have Flash, there's really two things that are going to hinder the experience. First, users will go to a site and they'll get empty boxes, so they'll just be missing content. Second is that they may get to a site and there will be a light version of the content. Both of those are not the full Web experience. And with Flash on mobile devices, we can provide the full Web experience on a device. Let me show you. [Adobe Flash Showcase] What we first see is a list of the featured sites that are great experiences on the device. There's also a number of different categories that you can select. You'll see a nice drop-down menu, and you can scroll back and forth between the different categories using the swipe gesture, just swiping left to right. So this is a great example of actually a Flash application with the gestures that Flash Player supports. [Adobe Flash Showcase - USA Today] New sites like USA Today, New York Times, and the BBC use Flash to deliver news in a richer way using video and other interactive elements. Here you can see you're getting a nice integrated video stream on the Web page without launching a separate video player, just like you would on the desktop. On many devices without Flash, these video feeds would show up as empty boxes. [Adobe Flash Showcase - Eco Zoo] Flash is used on millions of websites because it offers a rich, immersive experience. Here is one of my favorites, Eco Zoo. It's a cool, interactive 3D learning experience created with Flash. It runs just like it would on a desktop and, actually, the gestural support even makes it more interactive. Again, on devices without Flash, this would show up as an empty box. [Adobe Flash Showcase -] Here I'm showing you the full version of ESPN running on a device with Flash. You're seeing the exact same version that you'd get on a desktop. On a device with a mobile optimized version, you'd see a lighter list of topics and content and really miss a lot of stuff. [Adobe Flash Showcase - Sony Pictures Previews] Finally, I'm going to show you an example from Sony Pictures Preview. They've done a great job delivering an optimized browsing experience that combines menuing and navigation designed especially for smartphones with Flash. Here is some H.264 video powered by Flash. It's a great example of delivering a mobile-friendly site without losing the richness of the content you're used to on the desktop. That was just a small snapshot of some of the over 70 examples that are on of great Flash experiences on the Web. Check out to experience more of those, or you can also just go visit your own sites that you like [For more sites, visit:] and see how they work on these new Flash-enabled mobile devices. [FLASH on:]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 21, 2010

James Ward of Adobe demos rich, interactive web content on the new DROID X by Motorola running Flash Player 10.1.  Flash Player 10.1 allows mobile users to enjoy videos, games and other immersive web content on their DROID X smartphones.

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