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News report: MAA and the school gardening project

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Young and already green fingers In the school yard, a garden It is here that children have discovered vegetables Gradually they became aware of the importance of farming They have invested themselves in this project Seeds were provided to them to continue the adventure at home. “We planted. The plant grew! Then we cut it to eat it.” "I planted the bitter gourd. Then it became a little plant! Then I plucked it and we ate it.” “I planted carrot. It grew, then when it grew, I plucked it, then I cut it, I washed it and I made a salad” Launched in March, the first harvests are already ready. All the students ate lettuces, vegetables. Maybe they weren’t before but now they liked it and spoke about it. Parents told us their children are now enjoying eating salads especially since they’ve prepared them They know how to plant, how it grows at the school itself Thanks to the advice given by the Movement pour l’Autosufficance Allimentaire (MAA) they were initiated to techniques to better cultivate vegetables. "It is the project's goal is to expose the children, at a young age, to organic agriculture while using new methods of production to prepare them for later, in case there's a long-term food crisis and this remains in their subconscious to make them resilient so they may face the long term food crisis" The government encourages such projects in schools The Minister of agro-industries, Mahen Seeruttun visited the students to inaugurate the garden. Today when young children begin to understand the need of healthy products, clean products and they themselves prepare, cultivate and plant these in their school it also becomes a way of educating the adults. Other schools will follow the footsteps of my desert my treasure government school

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Year: 2015
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Posted by: preethijoanne on Jun 25, 2015

The MAA initiates school children to organic gardening

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