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Rael Talks about Clitoraid

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Why raise money to help African women to have their orgasms back while many Africans are still starving to death? Wouldn’t it be better to raise money to give food to the starving children of Africa, instead of taking care of the sexuality of women? My answer is very simple: You have thousands of organizations in the world, religious and non-religious, collecting, raising money to help - and that’s great and that’s beautiful - but to help African women to get their clitoris back: none! Zero. Only one: Clitoraid! And I am very proud to have founded this organization. And I understand, all the, most of the charitable organizations are Christian and Catholic. So, of course, they are ready to - and this is beautiful - to collect money to help the starving children of Africa. Wonderful! But they will never move one finger, even the little one, to help the sexuality of African women. Because they are against pleasure, against sexual pleasure especially. So, nobody will ever move a finger among the Christian communities, to help African women to have their orgasm back. And the only ones who can do it, of course, it’s a philosophy which is in favor - we support fanatically the right to pleasure and orgasm: the Raelian Movement. So, when I saw that a new technology was available and that, on the other side, you have these poor African women which couldn’t make enough money to pay for the very little amount of 500 $ but which is 2 years of salary for an African woman, I said: wait a minute! Nobody will move a finger for them. I will do it! And I decided to create Clitoraid. And it’s beautiful to give back the right to orgasm and pleasure to African women. It’s a fundamental right. You know, what is the meaning of life? like Monty Python said. if it’s just to survive without pleasure. And that’s what the Christian people are against, they are against pleasure. But the Creators, the Elohim, what the Christian people call God, created us to have pleasure. And if possible sexual pleasure and orgasms. It’s part of life, it’s beautiful. You can have a religious orgasm You can have an orgasm like a prayer And that’s why it’s so important. A fundamental right of African women to have orgasm and, if not, what is the meaning of life? Just to survive like a microbe, like bacteria? And I think bacteria have some kind of sexual pleasure also. So, pleasure is everywhere, especially now, in the spring. It’s everywhere, and it’s I think a duty to African women to give them back their sexuality and orgasm. Food? You know, many African women have enough food. But they don’t have any more orgasm because millions of them, who have enough food, they don’t have a clitoris. So, thanks to this wonderful doctor who created this technology, we can give them back pleasure. And that’s what Clitoraid is about.

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Posted by: yvbr on May 12, 2014

Why raise money to .. help African women to get their clitoris back? / to have their orgasm back?

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