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Луис Фернандес. Великое Белое Братство в Андах. 5_11

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to a valley called "Valle Potosi". This ship was going to monitor the materialization of the door through which I would be able to get in touch with them, and through which I would arrive at a city not located on this planet, Earth, but on Venus in a valley known to them as Orea … the Valley Of Silence. This is a place where there are concentrated the academy of the spiritual science of this civilization. While I was in the Andes, when the ship was coming toward me, I wanted to leave but my curiosity keep me on. An object similar to that one [on left] was between two hills. The ship was producing pulsations that were concentrating its energy like a half moon. It was a whitish color, and shining. Once the energy was materialized, they told me, “Come”. Immediately my heart started jumping. “Come,” they said again. I started walking toward the energy coming from the ship. I began to go through the energy field and immediately I did not feel any weight. I had a sensation of vertigo, like when you are flying on an airplane, going through a turbulence, and there’s a lot of pressure in the head and chest. I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t because I was engulfed by the energy field that was pulling me forward, yet my feet were not touching the ground. Immediately the starry night of the Andes began to transform itself into a magical valley. The sky had multi-colored forms. Immediately to my right, a being, with beautiful characteristics, said, “Don’t worry. You are here because the time has arrived for you to corroborate everything that I have told you before. My name is E’tel. During your time with us here we’re going to tell you about part of your mission, and the purpose of my presence with you.” Then he started to speak about what he was observing in the sky. It was the reaction of the clouds that surround Venus. It is known as the solar rain. That is what was producing the multi-colored sky. On this planet, Earth, there is something similar to that – the Aurora Borealis. He said that their life on Venus is subterranean. When a civilization is more evolved they don’t build above ground but mainly subterranean. And there is an explanation for that. They believe that the ancient civilizations were trying to be as close as possible to the nucleus of the planet, to the telluric energy. That reminded me of the ancient civilizations who used to build their temples on top of a hill, or below the Earth, in order to connect the cosmic energy with the telluric energy. They said that they didn’t utilize 90 degrees angles, but circular and conic constructions. That reminded me of the teepees of native North Americans. They said that in their current civilization, they have less than five million people, and that they are mainly feminine. That reminded me of the Greek mythology of the muses. The civilization from Venus is very similar to ours, but we would say ours is very similar to theirs. . And there is a simple reason for that. There has been a hybrid interaction. They claim that they have had a different genetic insertion than our human insertion. The famous missing link would be the extraterrestrial genetics which those people inserted, it takes hundreds of thousands of years, and in some cases even millions of years. So then, the question is, What happened in such a short span of time in human evolution that got us from the cave to taking trips to outer space? This new genetic

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Posted by: muzlaner on May 29, 2011

Луис Фернандес прибыл из Боливии. Он имел контакты с представителями внеземной цивилизации с планеты Венера и спутника Юпитера Ганимед. Он так же контактировал с т.н. "Предками", обитателями подземных пространств нашей планеты. Авторитетная комиссия с агенства ТАСС подтвердила, что опыт Луиса не выдумка. Перевод с испанского Мануэля Роберто. Перевод на русский с не очень удачного английского транскрипта Узланера М.

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