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Decoding the Mind part2

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Meditation is a profound exploration inwards Ultimately you are taking this question "Who am I?" -- "Who is guilty?" -- "Who is needing approval?" What are you without your approval, -- without your approval of the other. Ultimately you take this question like a sword that can cut through, All the illusions of the self It becomes such a powerful questioning, that it burns all the dreams of self, -- and then what is left of you? You are becoming a naked presence of consciousness that is free of the need to be approved It's not that it's an arrogant presence that is insensitive toward the other but it is not knowing its essence through the others opinions who themselves don't know who they are so how are they going to give? a right opinion about you supposedly you have the feeling that you need love, that you need something, and you go on manipulating for attention cause you need to feel somebody you know, that's what we - there is a moment of emptiness something is knocking on the door dangerous moment for the ego nothing to do, everything is flowing - then we, have to feel that we exist or manipulate the other for some attention - show me that I am Let me feel that I exist so before you - move - and - into action check, investigte deeply - do you really need to be somebody, do you really need to deny your true nature? Isn't it? holding you -- to disappear into the emptiness of your own being? Decoding unconscious means You are not reacting from the patterns, you are looking through them To act beyond them You are an awakened presence With the division, the duality between unconscious and consciousness - has disappeared - You become whole, - one You are no longer doing stuff, - and you don't even know why you are doing it Now who wants to admit to themsleves I am now, manipulating because I am a beggar, or because I am needy or because I am -- who wants to admit it? We put it aside we just become the pure action with -- we don't look sincerely because even towards ourself we become embarrased Even -- our protection can be so much that even the image is something that we present to ourselves. I am like this and I am like that -- sometimes we believe the stories that we tell others You are empty -- You are nobody that's your glory - it is not your misfortune And when you are that after you,ve seen every -- everything that disturbs us -- from recognizing it You have come back home You didn't build a home and you didn't achieve and you didn't buy -- some state of being that was not there before -- you simply came back to who you are in the first place Rather than trying to be someone else - you are resting in -- that which you are already.

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Posted by: narottam on Aug 24, 2011

The process of decoding the mind is the essence of the work of the silence retreats in PachaMama, Costa Rica. Meditation is becoming a sword cutting through all illusions of the self.

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