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For 50 years, NASFAA and its members have been working hard to ensure that the doors to post-secondary education remain open for all Americans. In the face of tremendous change, we have remained dedicated to fulfilling the promise of inclusive access to higher education that was first made to students and families in 1965. "The work of the Financial Aid Administrators is important because we find ways for students to go to school. Our goal is to help students not only get an education, but fulfill their dreams." "Students that may have grown up thinking, 'Well I can never go to college.' and all of a sudden, they think, 'Well, maybe I can do it'." "It enables hundreds of thousands of students to get a post-secondary education." NASFAA and its members are continuously working to enhance the programs that deliver assistance to the students who need it most. "I consider what I do to be a profession. It's not a job, it's a calling." "The folks that get into this business have a real heart for students, and student success." To be able to enable them, to enroll in college, attend, graduate, and go on and do great things is so rewarding." "I think one of the most memorable students, is our current student government president." All she needed was a few thousand dollars and that few thousand dollars made such a difference, that she was able to get to UTSA her freshman year." "It really makes the difference between whether or not a disadvantaged student can get a college education. It really changes their life for them." NASFAA has grown stronger and stronger over the years, and has mattered in the past, and continues to matter today. And NASFAA is a forum, where folks can come and vigorously debate and have constructive conflict about how we move forward." "There are lots of financial aid administrators around the country, and we need to connect, we need to be informed, we need to share information and I'd say NASFAA is the point that allows us to do all of that." As we look to the future, NASFAA and our members are making sure that the programs that help the neediest students, like Federal Pell Grants, will continue to receive support and funding from Washington. "The future of Financial Aid is going to be, hopefully a more simplified process. There's a lot of impetus in Congress and even in the profession, to make Financial Aid simpler, because there's a perception with families that it's a really difficult process to navigate." "Technology is going to have a significant impact on Financial Aid. It already has. Most students are completing their Federal Aid Application online. Many schools are actually having to amp up their technology quite a bit. Doing away with paper, 24/7 communication, chat rooms, if that's the way students want to hear information, we have to be on board to do that." "Financial Aid has to be there. We have to have the resources for students to have access to an education." "We need to make continuous investments and move forward with our grants programs and other types of support systems that will help students to not have to become indentured servants once they graduate." NASFAA is working with policy makers to implement new processes that will benefit students and schools like the shift to using Prior-Prior tax year data. Across our membership, we're committed to simplifying and strengthening the Financial Aid process, so that the students and families who rely on us, can make informed decisions about their futures. "We continue our commitment to serve students first and foremost. Carving out time no matter how busy, and how systems-driven we are, to make sure that every student that comes across our campus, understands the rights, responsibilities and opportunities they have to go to college." "I'm really thankful for the Financial Aid office for making my dreams come true of getting a high quality education." "I really want to thank you all. Especially the fact that I don't have to take out loans." "I would say they made it possible for me to come here." "You guys are amazing. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys." "There's just so much that it has done for me over the years. I am extremely grateful and happy to be on campus." "From Pell Grant recipient to Financial Aid administrator and Doctoral student, thank you to all the other Financial Aid administrators who made my college dreams a reality." Our profession is about helping students live their dreams, without taking on a lifetime of debt. With great pride in our past, we continue to reach for the goals set forth 50 years ago, to open the doors to college education for all. Every student is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the future.

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