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Louis C.K. Faggot, Cunt, Nigger

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Alright Thank you Alright Faggot, how you doing? Sorry I called him a Faggot Umm I miss that word, you know I grew up saying that word It never meant gay When I was a kid, I didn't know what gay was I hadn't been told that people do that I had no fuckin idea Faggot didn't mean gay When I was a kid you called somebody Faggot Cos they're being a Faggot You know? Just being a Faggot 'Neeauh' Shut up Faggot! 'You're not supposed to use those for that' Shut up Faggot! It didn't mean, like, I would never call a gay guy a Faggot Unless he's being a Faggot But Not cos he's gay Like If I saw two guys blowing each other I don't know why I'm watching them do it But if I just happened I don't know 'Stumbled' upon a couple of fellas Blowing one another On their respected 'Penisia' It's a plural for penis that I invented today 'Penisia' I would be respectful to them I would, you know 'Hello Gentlemen' Whatever, you know But if one of them took the dick out of his mouth And started acting all 'Faggy' And saying annoying 'Faggy' things 'Neeauh, people from Phoenix are Phoenicians' Or something like that I'd be like Hey! Shut up Faggot! FAGGOT 'Quit being a Faggot and suck that dick' That's what I'd say to him I don't know I would never call somebody a mean name cos they're sucking a dick Cos if you can suck a dick Man that's awesome I respect you Because I can't do it I can't do it I mean, I haven't tried and failed I just Have put myself there in my mind and I couldn't do it Because I'm afraid, that's not the only reason But That's why if you can suck a dick I think that that's There's a strength! In being able to do that, I believe that I don't believe that blowing somebody comes easily to anybody Even if it's something that you generally do Every new dick must take something outta you There must be something you gotta do To get yourself ready, you know Ahemmm Ok here we go Brrrrrbrrrrbbrrr Not gonna suck ye OoooohaiiiMAAAAAAAA Mahahaaah Ok HERE WE GO So 'Faggot'

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Posted by: miastoop on May 7, 2016

Louis C.K. Faggot, Cunt, Nigger

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