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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 5 of 6

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I think people are afraid of machines taking over, a program say like The Terminator. -No they will never take over. They will never take over, I'll tell you why. They have no gut reaction. If you smash a computer in front of other computers... We'll get you for this, this week or the next one... Computers don't care about those things. If you work with computers Saturday and Sunday. They don't say "Give me a day off, will you!" they don't care about it. This is Hollywood stuff. Now, here's what will happen: The computers will never take over. There are scientists and roboticists that write books on machine takeover. They are stupid individuals because they don't understand that machines work on programs, you program them, and they carry that program out. They don't sit down and say "just a minute", you know they don't say "let's examine other points of view." They don't do that yet yet. -Yet. In the old days, a pilot will look out on an airplane saying "I'm about a mile high." Today with Doppler radar, you got one 5285 feet, 6 inches off the ground. No pilot can do that, no pilot can look out and tell you how high it is. So Doppler radar is better than pilots. Nine months ago, experimental computers design showed that computers can handle 1000 trillion bits of information per second. No hope that humans can do that, they can't. So that's why I say we would have a machine government. But the machine government doesn't control people, just production and distribution of goods. It delivers goods and services the farms... It checks the water table, electronic probes go into the soil as the water table drops, that pumps water out there. You don't need people anymore with a telephone to say ... "we're going dry here we need assistance", so the President says: How bad is it? He says it's terrible! and in the next 4 days it's gonna get worse. So the President gets an airplane and flies over. He says: You sure have a drought! So what? and doesn't any... doesn't deal with problems. We have floods all over America. Nobody is harnessing the flood water and driving it into where we strip the earth out, it's called strip mining, big holes where we could put that flood water. We have to use technology. Politics was great, a hundred of years ago, but they don't know what to do. So it's a technology that you have Your light, your television set, your airplanes, your cars; all technology. If you took that away the Earth would go back to slavery. We have the technology today, don't we? We could have done it in 1947 - Exactly So, it's... we could be so futuristic now that... The ideas that Jacques has... we could have even far surpassed that, if we'd had the chance to do those things. Well, we haven't and we could have been like that a hundred years ago? Because we're educated not to think -Exactly. -The school's manipulate what you learn. We would teach no one to be a scientist or a chemist... or a structural engineer without becoming a generalist. Knowing different cultures, different history of civilization that no one can use them to make bombs. Politicians are there to keep things as they are, they're not there to change things. They represent the powers that be, the money systems, so you don't see much change. And if you want to eliminate that corruption you have to use automation and cybernation as a way to distribute goods and services and run societies so you move people out. That eliminates the corruption. We see a lot of scientifics conventions today... Do you think that our science is so much more evolved than what the everyday man does experience and see? Do you think there's a lot of hidden science going on, behind closed...? Well the web was so much further forward... that we could teleport if we wanted to, you know, we could make people become invisible... - In the future, yes. - I'm just thinking off the top of my head. Now I think: could we have advanced technology now... that we don't even know about, that we think it's futuristic, but...? -Of course. exist now, you think? -Of course there is, but the public doesn't know about it. -Exactly. What do you think that we can do? Explain to the public, show them demonstrations of materials that remember, shape memory alloys, show 'em materials, the surgical sutures today, you know what I mean? The fabric that we sew a person up with. That have a memory, and you could tie a surgical knot, and... then straighten it out, stick it through the skin, and the heat of the body causes it to tie a surgical knot. But you have to tie a surgical knot first. There are materials that remember, they have one memory. So we should be studying seeds, cause the seed remembers every leaf, every bug, the bark and every... So let's study how seeds have multiple memories. That's what we should be studying now. And the people in charge of education are deadheads. They're from the past, they don't understand. They should be alive and get the latest books on technology to know what's happening, particularly government, they are made of the most ignorant people in history. All the presidents of the United States were stupid. All the way back. But nobody knows that. They're told they're great. They have propaganda going on all the time. I don't know of one thing a President ever suggested that worked. Such as increasing agricultural yields, making cars safer by putting proximity units, so they can't hit one another. Instead of putting up a sign: "Drive carefully, slippery when wet" put a brace in the highway so it's not slippery when wet. Instead of putting up a sign: "Drive carefully, school children crossing" you have the pavement like a comb, and when a kid presses a button, it turns up. So no car can hit a kid. That's what I'm talking about. We now live in a technical age. Politics was great, a hundred years ago, we didn't know the answers. Today there are many answers, but the public is ignorant. They were kept ignorant, and just trained to be a cog in a wheel. You know what I'm talking about? We were talking about Presidents, today and... you didn't seem to have a good word for any of them. Do you think if John F. Kennedy had not been... No, he was a jackass -Oh, he was a jackass! We were closest to war with him than anyone. We were closest to blowing ourselves up, nuclear bombs. It's Kruschev that backed off. I just wondered if he'd had a chance to be longer in power... ... how things would have worked out? Do you think we would have set off the bomb? Oh yes, that's possible too. If you got a lot of jackasses in government... Like Truman, he used to sell hats. He had a store to sell hats. How the hell did he get to people? A real jackass number one. And Oppenheimer came to talk to Truman and he said: "You shoudn't have used the atom bomb..." "You should have demonstrated it to Japan out at the sea" "and give 'em a chance to surrender." So he said: "No we're gonna bomb Hiroshima." And Oppenheimer... He said: "I don't want Oppenheimer to come up here anymore." And now the government cut up the science advisory counsel. I'm talking about this jackass Bush, a real stupid individual. So I say we won't make the history books in the future. We're so backward. In relation the only thing that's changing is technology. And where we put most of our science and technology is into the military and armament. So it's... you know it's... people will drop the bombs, it's not the technology. It's how we use our technology. It's abused and misused. I mean we have fantastic advancements, but it always seem to be to kill people off, doesn't it? We just need to switch it round now to help people. -And if it's put into industry and they can automate that means more and more people are out of work so they don't have... ... have salaries and they can't buy the goods and services turned out. So even that scenario is the end of the free enterprise system.

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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 5 of 6

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