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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:31:08 - 18:46:08

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I said don't go about here. ― Max, do you want this? ― Yeah, I do. Leave this for me, I'll eat it! ― Oh, this is mine. ― No, this belongs to Max. Max, Roma is taking your piece. Gimme the fork! ― Where is my fork? ― Have something to cheer me with? ― No, didn’t you say not to bring… ― Oh, yep. ― Why have you taken the fork from here? ― This is my fork! ― Don’t bother guys, just eat! ― Take it. Come on, take another one. OK, wash your hands. It is good the water is hot cause I thought it was cold. ― What? ― Nothing. Guys, let’s go to eat. God gives to the one who comes last. Max, taste my potatoes. Have you forgotten when you were photographed? Did you sleep? At night? ― Oh, no, not at night. ― You didn’t? Then what did you do? ― I played. ― Played what? ― Lego. Lego. If we played Lego too, it would be cool, right, Max? ― Have you done math? ― I need it too. ― We’ll draw pictures, won’t we? ― And you, have you done it? ― Have you touched the camera? ― Yea. You may not touch the camera! ― Have you seen it? ― No! ― This was Max! Andrew, Roma… Don’t take so much! ― I like pepper. ― Andrew, get some potato jackets. ― Don’t eat my piece of muskmelon! ― It’s not yours, it belongs to Max. Yea, sure. Thank you. Switch the light on. ― To twirl... ― No, I’m afraid to do it like this. Wanna twirl like this? Huh? Yes. What? Want to do a somersault? Let’s do it one more time. Roma, look at me. I can do the same... A heavy one. ― Once more. ― No, in turns. Two times each. That is, you do it one time, then I do it one time. ― Let me do it too. ― Is it my turn? Zhanna! ― My turn! ― No, my turn! ― No. ― We have just come. ― My turn. ― My turn. ― My turn, because we’ve just come. ― So what, I have just come too! My turn. ― Nice! ― Let me do it! ― You’re heavy! Kostian did that with me once. Come on. No. Come on, let’s do it this way! ― You’re too small. ― Come on! ― Kostian, try with me. ― What if you fall? ― I won’t. Emi does it good. ― Come on. ― Ilyas, lay down. ― In your dreams! ― Watch whatever you want! Tougher! Kiss. ― You're avweirdo! ― And you a fool. ― Roma. ― Roma, don't touch her. Come on, kiss me! ― One, two, three. ― Roma. ― One, two. ― Three! ― Roma, Roma! ― Yes, it's me! Roma! Andrew, he can suffocate. ― It was Roma. ― Where is Roma? Calm down. ― You're a weirdo! ― Come on, calm down. Calm down, all of you... Roma! Come on, do it yourself. Come on! Are you hurt? I'll throw this one. If I hit with this one, everybody will weep at once. ― Give it to me. ― Do you want it? Oh, what a beauty! Come on, I've invented a new game. It's called "night player". Let's go! I wanna play too, Andrew. ― Ilyas, do you see this? ― Yes. ― You'll play later, OK? Wait here. Roma, follow me! Follow me, it's called "night player". Roma. Come, come. Roma, Zhanna may not play. ― "Night player". Come. ― What's up with the light? ― Come with me. ― Can't we switch the light on here? ― This switch does not work. ― It's dark there. ― This is down. ― The lamp is broken! ― No. ― Can we go? ― Wait there. Ilyas, where are you, Ilyas? ― Where have you found the switch for the light? ― Here. In this house...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 89
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 13, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 18:30-18:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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