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Kabbalah 1 class2 basic

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hello everyone welcome to class number two of the power of Kabbalah cores in the last session we spoke about consciousness action is creating our reality and I'll most of the time with your reality to the 1% consciousness we ruled by the body consciousness we jump to conclusion based on our things fields are with see we believe our senses we believe online we believe only when we touch when we see when we feel and as a result we stuck in the study concluded that make us reactive and don't see the big picture and that Simon last time was looking your life to those moment that you react to that one percent of parents to those circumstances either difficult weeks I T and powers to ask the bigger picture from your soul to be able to connect to the 99% reality which will allow us to see really what's been needs the clothing what's been need those things look like is it really good for me to listen to the gut feeling that helped me to see the bigger picture beyond the immediate reactive the bigger picture beyond beyond blaming the end of the day when I am connecting to the 99% everything has a purpose everything is the reason today we are going to answer major questions about life that only the couple is truly answer out of the universe began why we hear what happened before creation of the physical world was designed as described the Big Bang and the teary of creation what happened prior to these be amazed to know the description of scientists of the Big Bang is similar to the description of rubber Isaac Luria coverage leaves five hundred years ago of the Big Bang long time before the Big Bang Theory was written similar description the question the coupling us prior to the Big Bang what brought about the Big Bang which seem difficult is that point of energy that exploded and manifest into the physical universe of today what brought it about what happened before religions before Adam and Eve before the atoms what brought us to this world of the 1% the world of the 1% that we even is the Waldorf hearing that way at least fragmentation disconnect we all interested to have more fulfillment nobody's totally satisfied and fulfilled the common things about all of us is lack void search what's brought this about we live in a world game between power of us that wants fulfillment and wants to do the right thing to the other part of us that very often is self-destructive why why we hear what is the purpose of life if the researcher for school guide his affairs of goodness outcome this something look like evil in this world and chaos in pain and suffering the poll of the Big Bang that's when the physical universe started that's when time space and motion started but Kabbalistic it's part of the one person reality in a real real reality there's no time to speak about the beginning it's not really the beginning it's actually the cause of all causes so the cupola starts with the power of the light what is the like the force of God the force of the creator of the reason the couple is used the word the light unless speaks about God even though it is the same thing is because very often when we think about God we think about that old man with a white beard sitting on a throne and pulling the strings and punishing and rewarding politically does not what God really is about god is infinite power infant force of giving the source of all good the source of all enjoy the source of all miracles of folk blessings of every type of fulfillment we experienced in this world this source of all energy strength the battery of everything like from the outlet we can receive energy for computer for a fax machine for TV it's one source of energy in the same way God or the couple is called the light force is the source of energy for joy miracles for great relationship for financial abundance for health abandons for satisfaction for appreciation for nature for inspiration for creativity removal of fears for inner strength for confident from being in the right time in the right place from being connected during tuition from being connected to choose so all those blessings that manifest themselves in our life politically are coming or force of the creato stackable is called the light source we're not talking about the physical aight we talking about this source of all blessings and fruitful as their of drug would say when you come to a dark room what is the best way to get rid of the darkness today packets of darkness and get them out of the room not turning on the light when you turn on the light darkness disappear the same way when we speak about the life force of the creator the energy that all of us seeking to connect with is the source that can remove any pain any need any cares and avoid because any time of chaos of pain in our life politically its absence of light and when you look at the physical ID for second we know the physical aight consists of all the colors of the spectrum to put the prison in front of a physical the white light you love all the colors of the spectrum in each one of these color can be green and red and yellow but all of the stems from one white light in the same way known life will be saying I want to improve my relationship and one more energy of love in my life or confidence in my life of prosperity in my life inner strength in my life being more proactive or being more forceful or being more healthy all those is the different colors of the spectrum the different manifestation of the one force which is the force of creation the light force to the companies say when I say I would like to improve my life in a real meaningful deep level word to say I want more light in my life because more light in my life means improving in a real deep level a relationship business my connection to myself and it will look before we spoke about the ladder of consciousness that we want to elevate above the party consciousness delimited consciousness defeat them consciousness as we raising consciousness we getting closer to the lights we're getting closer to the source of all a balanced and we have more light in our life and as a result our reality shifting because more light of darkness more light removes pain more lights remove blockages in my business remove blockages in in in in a in some self destructiveness that they're having my life about your own life how are your life will be different right down to yourself for a second if you love much more light in your life that source of full blessing that source of all fulfillment how do you see your life being improved they can pose writing down for yourself important to know that when we speak about light we don't speak about that light is up there like people meditating and saying WOW I saw the light is such a great feeling the fact that I'm starting to see the time attracting blessing in the right people into my life means more like in my life the fact that they see that actually my heart is being open and I'm less judgmental and I'm bringing more warmth into my life and I'm able to appreciate more blessings into my life its indication I'm bringing more like in my life the fact and then started to see that the majority more miracles into my life and other trucking right friends I'm being blessed to see that something is negative for me and I'm stopping it ahead of time occasion have more light in my life seismologist the boat great feeling it's more about down-to-earth long-term true blessing true fulfillment in our life support the creation decked out in it all began so the light is the only access is the see the full blessing the cause of all causes it's something we cannot prove you need to feel yourself to death force exists and that force is not out there it's everywhere include with the enemy within each cell of the body nevertheless doesn't feel and experience the light all the time and will understand why we talked about in the origin of us has one major desire to give higher to impart desire to share infinitely no desire to receive only source of giving and days on the nature of the light the light wanted to share is infinite beneficence because that's his nature not because the light is needed to share as the need to give to make him happy is simply infinite source of love and that's brought us to the next the light created to regionals so I created the receiver delivers a nature desire to give westerlies desire to receive in the same way a cut is a vessel for the water the vessel for the light which is desire to give his consciousness of these to receive which brings us to the essence of all our souls to the catalyst all humanities all the songs that ever been and never will where power of the original sold it was created original vessel of physical vessel but a vessel from the point of view of a container that can receive the infinite abundance of the light wanted to share each one of us is fragment of DAT regional one vessel that was created but if you look at your own life or second was driving us in life desire to receive from film and you have a big desire and drive options for huge fulfillment universal design of a small drive and a little things satisfied me but when we sing and happy among satisfied is my desire to receive these if you in front of someone and you want to share with them so much blessings in gifts and surprises and wisdoms in direction and growth and have no desire to listen to you even though they are very bright and very smart we would seek a politically they don't have the vessel to listen to you they're not open to do not desire to actually what's permitting circuitry of energy between giver and the receiver givers desire to give receivers desire to receive when they give you wants to offer for big bank before humanities was great leader or regional for everything was infinite light which is one major invited designed to give which created the light created infinite vessel infinite sold at once to receive endlessly the blessings of the light the blessings of love of wisdom of strength of joy of abandons of everything and we're talking about before creation of human being imagine you take away the body what's left us all a true desire to connect with blessings would like which will fulfillment originally before the physical reality before the big bank we were one unified soul receiving endlessly the abundance of the creator and nothing was missing we had everything millions times more than any fulfillment we can imagine because it's endless we are finite but originally whereas once or receiving all the abundance and nothing was missing that reality call the endless reality the endless world infinite light infinite vessel as one practicality before world bodies were once all infinitely connected and received all the blessings and everything was there every joy we can bring about everything was seeking to connect cable is securely is to reconnect to the pleasures that we once I do love the happiness dissatisfaction everything we're striving we want sad to reconnect the blessing we are doing and the biggest question of the company's if everything was so amazing in gaza delight nature was one desire to impart desire to share infinitely and we were created the sooner we received the infinitely why do we need this world suddenly dot wants all for some reason separated and fragmented too many other pieces and we're no longer one and while longer no longer content in full field he drove us deal of a vessel of desired result fulfillment that maybe ten percent of ten twenty percent of real would like the rest is surging emptiness and void and chaos in darkness why everything seemed to be amazing shows that what brought us to this point everything which brings us to the actually cause of creation the reason why we hear the expression the couple is used for the cause of why we as the vessel decided to disconnect from the light to separate ourselves from the light to go to a journey to leave the light and then to reconnect with the reason we decided it because of something call red of shame is an ancient expression of the Kabbalistic this crime were described a idea that when we receive something without earning it when we receive something without giving back when we receive something without being able to give like the light give us something is missing part of us fuel disconnect power of us feel and full field even though we love delight but part of us also wants to earn the light part of it wants to be like the lie part of us wants to be the co-creator of the blessings and even just a receiver without ability to give without ability to earn without the ability to cause my own reality I feel emptiness which the couple is called that expression parade how come why did we feel that way as the festival which received the infant abundance from the line because when the light created as the light gave us his own DNA because imagine like her father giving the Sun not just all the blessings he wants to give the Sun also the ability to create like the father created even further give his son a business does he want just the center of all the blessings that the benefits of the business we want to give the Sun also the ability to create the business which is the internet giving same time the great or just gave us all the blessings and all the lights and all the joy he gave us his DNA is a license to be a giver to be a creator to cause to create to initiate to create fulfillment so we had to part with this is a vessel is a part of us that live to receive love to enjoy love to appreciate all the blessings that we are looking for infinitely but there's another part of us that we want to be like the light and give her a create or initiate or cause active in both aspects of us the part of the 22 receive a tremendous fulfillment enjoy but a part of us that wanted to earn wanted to create wanting to do to be idle I felt empty because you can we give to what can we created was infinite abundance can we give to the crater itself is not desire to receive which text which we as a vessel total I'd like I love you I want you there's nothing more want to connect I really want to be one with you and only when give me one with you not only from receiving also if I'm able to express your nature you attributed to you imbued with illness is the giving earning the creating of shame anymore we decided restrict thats Kabbalistic concert call restriction seemed soon restriction and choose to disconnect and please allow me to go to a journey earned the light please allow me to go to a journey that an empty from light and as being like you light and as a more attacking from the light of sense of earning sense of being decor creator sense of being the cause of my life dinner can connect to the line night and I law delighted not disappear the incident light and the infinite miracles in the evening and blessings exists within each one of us steel but he's conceal but we made this next rule of the game of life and we told them I the only way I can receive their lives only for the delight definitely different words to say the only way can receive delivered all these earning the lives just receiving for myself alone I no longer can receive because I will have bred of shame I would have brought of Shane because receiving in our region was enough for us I want to receive but there where will the receiver is burning the light they wear want to receive if I'm being also a force of sharing and from now create or with this infinite ability in abundance delight presented as this war this world of one percent of limitation of disconnect that nothing just easy to get everything about this wall is about earning fulfillment earning sold me burning passion and love and Andrew create DVD and when I get something just for myself alone in a one in significant Asian and I don't want to go through the process I'm gonna get brittle Shane which is again disconnection from the line because we made that rule the only way I want to receive fulfillment only from earning the light only from being like the life and I'm just taking over the role that we may cause the light to be concealed and as a result cause chaos pain free in our life so the all purpose of being in this physical world the world of Correction the wall the transformation the world of illusion the world and he doesn't feel like we all connect and we all want with each other we're not even so we don't true desires but the reason of that space between us and our fulfillment is to give us opportunity because if I'm receiving the light without making an effort I don't feel I'm the creator and that's what this life is about Singapore example this war imagine somebody is buying you a magic golf club but somehow doesn't matter how you hit the ball you get a hole-in-one every time you win every tournament every game the best of the best without making any effort at the moment you hold this magical UN how will it make you feel in a long-term really fulfilled really satisfied but he no longer model and make you feel you're right warrant and satisfied not challenge empty she doing something will be me see why why outcome what's wrong with autism not cheating is because our sole hours so so we know that receiving without earning brings dread of shame it wasn't full feeling in the endless and it still looks or body consciousness still would still would love to receive things without earning because very often we forget and wonder we don't want to listen to or so but in truth when we getting things without running into getting disconnect we getting emptiness think about your life remember at times in your life that you helping out someone and he didn't do anything from these and eventually aidid you for that why because we gave them British shame when a father dear mother give to their child give give give give without letting go to process to work for it however a helping them we burning them to prison receiving inheritance without doing anything for that without using it in a good way just to stop working in just the thing about myself all day long how do you think will it help his dad money which is not a curse it's a blessing but is that money will be really a blessing or curse person absolutely it will be a curse because this problem with the money because a person doesn't have the vessel to handle it when I just received without doing anything as a giver without either earning needs or using it for the sake of sharing consciousness i mean the bottom of the ladder and as a result it will bring darkness into my life so that the old British shame our soul knows it receiving something without earning will cause me disconnect think about if you ever been in a relationship that you just received receive the receive anywhere not in the mood to give back so much how did it feel after a while you again gave gave in the other person just received the new nothing how did it feel to the other person after disconnect is there was no circuitry because when I'm just take iron and networking freed even though I love receiving an old alive I feel emptiness I feel this connection saying that too good because our soul knows I need to learn when I'm getting something for nothing it's not gonna work for me politically why drugs my be destructive force in a person's life or any device for instant gratification is not because there's a problem with the drugs with experience is very simple I'm getting direct energy without turning without doing anything out in my soul in my DNA cannot be happy because that's the rule we made we came to this world where the contract with the light the lights please don't let me the light be revealed within me unless I'm being like you unless I'm earning the light I made some part of the creation of that line the teachings of Kabbalah to help us to understand what does it mean to be like delivered what does it mean to the light and we starting gradually to learning to raise our consciousness to growing the latter of consciousness is earning in one of the things I can tell you about its against easier if laziness is the easier judge working hard is against the easy urge its earning his acting on the line to grow consciousness and turned the light is to go again body consciousness against in significant action for persons were calling for you earning spending more time with his kids be present that's running is relative to each individual is going beyond my easier to judge which that so body consciousness it's all about in signification in the shortest path for temporary full form lasting fulfillment which is the light and true changes which is raised consciousness have to make an effort in its relative and is different in every situation as we are going to learn earning is the process of going beyond May selfishness in begin to be more of a giver bernie is developing patients when things don't go my way and asking what can I do differently instead of complaining about how did you do differently earning is identified the area i'm too lazy life and making more outside of myself earning is about spending time with other people spending time to develop my consciousness which my natural body consciousness is spending time to get immediate results because if I'm spending time just about my results I'm not really building my consciousness earning can be defined areas in my life I'm sorry to face and I'm going to Cannes my fear being ruled by my fear is choosing laziness easier in signification British show going against my fear is actually breaking gradually that spiritual action that raised my consciousness it is about learning the light some type of person worked very hard and businesses are all what they got gave you all the blessings the fact that you work hard doesn't mean you're what have you done with abundance that you got out did you treated you employees when he already got the abundance in the world in the success what did you do with this is Joey go telling you you are the master humility which is also working hard to be in a state of humility so this or what life is about is gradually removing the British shame removing the sense of insecurity occasion earning the light and as in doing it revealing more light revealing more blessings in my life having more fulfillment shifting my consciousness for me and for my surrounding when a mother's by the child assembled picture puzzle jungle of this picture with the horses it's very nice but the hourlong the city section would last very limited but imagine she's buying the same picture but these side this time the pieces are disassembled and the chinese to work free to fight free to complain about it in two weeks later he assembled the picture when the child sees the picture on the wall sense of connection sense of satisfaction why because you learned because he went to the process because you're very came is impatient is need for instant gratification when we giving dar children everything so instantly will never be truly fulfilled and we'll never have inner strength delight gave us in this role the 22 remove British a min to earn what is the main to the light what do we need to come because earning comes with overcoming outside competitor that's how you feel you to help us towards sense of true form creator created potent an opponent or the Kabbalistic word opponent which from our make means the opponents the disturbing pattern doesn't really fair to this devil running on a pitch for it referred truly to a force that exists within each one of us that these are only inner opponents that many visits have personally within each one of us and then manifest itself collectively a source of negativity that opponent is this force within each one of us the trigger selfishness the trigger of being reactive the trigger instant gratification and that opponent is always suggesting some goodies some sugar some instant gratification that the porn it does bank accounts that every time ago for the reactive nature for the selfish nature for the easing of occasion for the lazy path for the blame for the self destructive path for using devices for being a high instantly for a second I will feel energy to create degraded certain created the opponent with his bank of energy that every time I'm choosing this path on you I'm learning that easy urge controls me I will feel for second grade are fulfilled in it will be easier with his cum darkness with this come chaos reigns of energy the appalling opponent think of energy in signification and in pain and then cares and then disconnect or connecting to the light which may be an issue they don't feel great and hides a fraud stretch but in a long-term true blessing truly improvement of our life opponent was created in a way that it's much easier to listen to the opponent then listen to the light within us there's two voices within each one of us will delight votes in our sole the tell us unity work harder don't sheet strength more trust you did the right thing the right thing will come share its coming back don't worry about it you're not gonna have less and the opponent is all about insignificant Asian why should I do it look what they've done to me poor me I don't want I want I want I never have enough and the opponent menopausal emotionally with the hurt in anger and reactive and blaming and feel sorry for myself or with the thoughts in my judgment negativity it's never gonna happen I don't believe in myself so I am big shirt look what they say about me doing things from the right wrong intention even when I'm sharing its all about gratitude and recognition from everyone else because I wanted but I wanted energy it's nice weather noting just said I want some sugar on some strength I want to feel great about myself I want somebody to give me energy I want a quick fix no time for the line now have chaos leave me alone right now we all have two voices which one is easier to listen do we gravitate towards it if you let go over physical object what's gonna happen why because of the force of gravity in the same way exactly what's easier to listen do an exercise I want you to write down right now for things in your life that you know bad for you and you do them anyway and write down four things in your life that you know is good for you gonna do it but you don't do it anyway it can be emotionally it can be physically it can be disciplined it can be certain negativity of dwelling please write it down cause the tapes we all have the deponent voice in force within us that we listen we know it's the wrong thing we know is not gonna make us proud and we still do it anyway because we've just self-destructive reason to create the Poland in our life that it's much easier to listen to the opponent because the type of energy to the bank of opponent providing us is much more stimulating the day Dr long-term fulfillment I want now the voice of the opponent is so louder voice of the light and even though we might know intellectually the only way I can receive the light only from acting like the light only from listening to the voice of the light only from proactive only from a giver only from outside of myself or leave I'm running only them not working for the short there nevertheless voice he saw force after spiritual lesson learned about the light and learn about the opponent in somebody will see something that they don't like an hour will react with anger with blame any of the light went out the window why such a force of negativity listen to the opponent is not just a little joke it's a cause of old castle alive in the walled what's causing people to kill each other listening to the opponent to do evil inclination listen to them even dared only one real variable killed a guy why people blaming each other what is corruption in business corruption in politics corruption between friends lack of consistency and and and perseverance in relation cheap temptation it's all about the conservative occasion so that the product is a major force in more listening to the opponent less like more and more optimism be more than spread the opponent even will be more stronger in my life that will make me feel more of a victim more blaming troubles my own issues be leaving the default just focus in to myself my life will be better major force that cause personal void and negativity and collective chaos in the world everything start with listening one individual listening to the opponent parroting a judge is not because I want to hurt the other person is because I'm listening to the emptiness within me tell me the only well feel better is that way I'd created it why there's or share with us a story that once upon a time was a keen that loved his son very much in favor i want to ask you just one day you'll be my successor but don't get close to prostitutes stay away from them to some promise you the Sun got twenty years old if I wanted to bring the Sun closer to mean decided before you send them the most beautiful harlot was in town any told do me a favor go and seduce myself with all the tricks that you know and she went in she try them some was very tempted restricted himself that's brought us some really closer to his father the vehicle to help to bring the Sun close Adam's father the same way exactly we asked the lives please lie help us to earn the light help us to be the co-creator elvis to be like you will help you create an opponent he will appear as a negative forest but the big picture is in good angel but he's there he's there to cause you to go into in signification into being by yourself into being selfish but they use of recounting a mutually causing new reality you creating new nature because if we just follow the natural tendency with selfish been but if you connect to the real essence also lessons and we have the strength from the soul to overcome the opponent will become the co-creator we acting like the light and it's not easy to act like the line if you would be born son just with the natural desire to give like me learning so the opponent is there to help you tour so it's a gift and I would like to read the section from designer or make and then you'll see as well the translation and reading in the Euro may cause we going to learn just listen to eat in scanning the letters is very itself actually drawing down the light and strength to charge of his soul to overcome the appointment with him we can find a section in volume 11 of these or portion they they they are democratic guy you like they're here him maybe they'll add are you pull another culture who get it just becoming honey a little trouble who decided yet right calf yavitt of La are you in a mood who begin their della cava Alouettes the culture this or call the opponent the evil inclination in natural waters or tell us why I asked looking at all these temptations and desires and selfishness and self destructiveness and jealousy and reactivity known as a bad thing as an opportunity to get closer to the light coming in experience we need to live that opportunity that's one of the major rules in the game of life raising my consciousness is overcoming the opponent within the light is waiting for us the blessings of success of the next level of my relationship to the next level of my business the next level of my spiritual growth the next level of my true fulfillment of manifesting my dream that will mean more like in my life the next level of every aspect of my life is wading a willing to do the work am i willing to overcoming next level of negativity mile s level of jealousy my next level of anger my next level of self destructiveness a willing to overcome the negative consciousness within me the consciousness of the opponent within me to the extent the willing to overcome the challenge to that extent I can receive the light is no shortage of flight is no shortage of blessings the question in my willing to work for it and work free doesn't mean I need to sweat and work hard physically in making that billion so hard physically but the real world the most people skipping that's the reason is avoiding emptiness with him and a willing to do to overcome my different layers of negativity with the which lead us towards the next subject the biggest streak of the opponent the biggest trick of September Berg what is the biggest rip-offs attan that all of us being played by him by that trick the biggest tree and he's the master magician makers blind of seeing the opponent because of a CD then I'm gonna become something but in fact that they don't even see that they're moved by my ego the fact that they think I'm such as sharing good person and I don't even see that these all about Eagle tree that sounds authorities I D is giving me an illusion that I'm a sharing person holding danger is all about evil gratification is hide the fact that I'm so busy with the other person did wrong and I'm sore ruled by blame an unfair person as yourself a simple question is dat conscious or blame anger is it coming from my light coming from the opponent and that's always hiding these items with true-life story of somebody's really wrong but meanwhile lets consciousness of my connecting to my opponent consciousness all my life my opponent but when there's certain light issues that really disturbing we don't ask this question to the original thing that we said before the biggest question is where is my consciousness as a recognized microorganisms overcoming you every time I am reactive in signification selfishness egocentric into myself blaming different indication that I'm ruled by the opponent even though I am a ride in the other person is wrong is no issue the issue what consciousness I have is hiding in their eyes interesting but in real life when something is really disturbing we learning that anger and reactivity in movies in my ad what's wrong with you and fears and song and meanwhile owns the opponent is in control that is job earning the light is overcoming the opponent with him but step number one of overcoming the opponent is recognizing the opponent which we all blind and even though we reveal the airport and we have blinded the price that will be the homework night before going to sleep until the next session and try to give his of space before the next session even two more you listen to it its ok but give yourself a space look back at you day and ask yourself well known and played with me today where was a reactive I was selfish our not really learning I went for the easy urge ruled by some a good trip at the wrong intention even though I pretended to do something right worthy opponent playing him really reminds of and committed to more you try to pay attention to start the developers sense of recognition of the opponent is the beginning of awareness and is the beginning of truly raising consciousness so if we look back at the ladder of consciousness will redefine now that ladder the bottom of the ladder we call it unconsciousness or the opponent consciousness and the top of the ladder we call it the light consciousness I want to improve my life I'll do everything in my power to raise my consciousness raising my consciousness is recognition of the opponent and overcoming the opponent within of reclaiming reactivity overcoming selfishness overcoming brand of shame the easy urge overcoming laziness and becoming more proactive becoming more sharing be coming out of myself if it's easy for me to be nice and giving and sharing in helping and caring about the world it's amazing but it's not indication and really raising my consciousness because to raise my consciousness and to improve my life is overcoming the opponent that moment of overcoming the moment reveals light gross Adelaide reveal I in shifting my reality now focus on recognition of the opponent riding down for yourself

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Kabbalah 1 class2 basic

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