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BBC sobre la Bigorexia

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Yasser is an amateur bodybuilder. He says he wants to get as massive as he can. How big d'you wanna get? As big as the Hulk if I could As big as the Hulk? Only look as freak as the cartoon characters if I could. - So, you wanna look like the "Incredible Hulk"? - Like him alone, you know, growing up I saw them cartoon characters and thought "wow" Yasser has Bigorexia, a little known body image disorder, where people feel small, no matter how muscular they get. Everyone's got a vision of themselves in the mind all they wanna be. and often, anyone is really happy until they get so, neither. But for me, I could be too so heavier, I could still find lots of flaws and faults, so I don't think personally I'm ever gonna be happy. For thousands of men , the quest for the psycho perfect physique is driving a rise in Bigorexia. more formally known as Muscle Dysmorphia. Experts say one in ten men training in gyms may have the condition. Muscle Dysmorphia is a preoccupation with the idea that one isn't big enough, isn't muscular enough that has to be driving off anxiety, or shame or self-disgusted. Really it's causing a pain, personal pain during the average stage. Well, as this weight stands so ... Adam had Bigorexia. He sought to take steroids to try get bigger. I always thought I was too skinny. I'd be probably around ten or twelve percent body flat. eighteen ten, that would make lying I could've got it when I'm in bodybuilding. I'd be big but I wanted to acknowledge I'd be big. Eighteen ten I wanted to be nineteen stone. If I'd got to nineteen stone, I wanted to be twenty If I'd got to twenty, I wanted to be twenty-one. Adam became so depressed, he tried to take his own life. He's now overcome his problems and helps other men living with Muscle Dysmorphia. People used to say to me that I`m a different person because this ain't in between. I used to be really happy or absolutely horrible. You couldn't speak to me. I was just absolutely horrible, which is but now because I'm aware of all that and I've been for a good few years, I'm back to the person that I always was, so to speak. It's difficult to diagnose Muscle Dysmorphia. People whether often look fit and healthy from the outside. Experts say it needs to be recognised in the same way as other mental health disorders. Athar Ahmad, BBC News.

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