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Make - PRODUCTION - Acting - Harry's Don'ts

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If you accept and absorb the information you're getting, You're gonna understand it much deeper, much better, and much more accurately. I work with two terrible metaphors: cancers. The first cancer in the work I do in acting, is concern about results, product, presentation, good, bad, right, wrong approval, et cetera. That's a terrible thing to take into an audition with you. You just can't be open, you can't do as well. The other cancer is subjectivity. And that's even trickier because we all have personal opinions. Or they--well-meaning, "oh, I don't have enough time." That's subjective input. Already you're cutting your legs out from under you. Or, "I don't have enough information." That's typical actor mentality, that most actors, that's the way they think. Instead, the better actors, the more accomplished say, "I absorb." They teach actors to deal with audiences as audiences, not like human beings. I work with people a lot on auditions. They're not casting people, they're not directors, they're human beings. They wanna be impacted upon by you, 'cause they're looking for the best actors So what I advise people, especially when people start becoming successful I warn them, be careful of the hype. The hype is dangerous, 'cause, you know, we have egos and if you focus on the story, if you focus on your work, you'll cut through the hype. People like Brit are amazing that way already. I mean, she's cut right-- no way the hype is gonna influence her. And the actors that get caught up in the hype start to--then it starts to become an ego thing. And that's when actors tend to falter.

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Make - PRODUCTION - Acting - Harry's Don'ts

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