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NM Capricorn Naomi Zohar 2014

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Chodesh Tov everyone. It is so exciting to be here with you tonight in the middle of all the holidays and the night of the new moon Capricorn. So what do we know about Capricorn? Well, we know a lot of things. We know that Capricorns are usually a very hardworking sign. It's people who are not scared to work long hours and stay in their office and give it their 300% to reach a lot of high physical goals, whether it's a success, it's a career. It might be a political career, it might be finance. No, they're not scared to work hard, but they we also know that especially when they're little kids, they can have a tendency to be a little bit too responsible and a little bit too grumpy. Astrologers always laugh that Capricorns are like a little bit of an iceberg month. So we see that a young Capricorn is usually very hardworking, is very responsible, is a very serious look almost like he's carrying the weight of humanity on his shoulders. And that's exactly how it is. We know that Capricorns usually don't have the easiest of childhoods and are supposed to take a lot of the burden upon themselves. But as Capricorns evolve and they grow older, they actually become younger. I don't know if anyone has seen the movie The Incredible Life of Benjamin Button. I believe it was with Brad Pitt. It's exactly that for Capricorns. They're usually very serious and an old soul, but throughout life is becoming lighter and more excited about life. And that being said, actually famous Capricorns in the world consist of the people like Martin Luther King who we know had a huge influence on the world in a most positive way. Also Stephen Hawking. So we know that they have really incredible minds. Also Richard Nixon, one of the presidents of the United States. So all that focus and all that hard work can definitely go very, very far towards the benefit of the society. And it's very interesting because we know that actually a Capricorn, which we know as an earth sign, is very attached to material things, the physical things and a lot of the times Capricorns look for security in the physicalities of life like building a beautiful home or having a nice car, having nice physical things. If—and especially in this month— all of us power to be able to release certain attachments, to be able to rise above physical into spiritual. And we know that Capricorns have the ability to become so spiritual on the borderline of psychic sometimes that they become actually intuitive, and extra sensitive and especially capable of opening their heart up to other people. It's unbelievable because it's going so far beyond the nature. Now, what does it mean for us this month? It means that all of us have that capability. All of us have capability to release certain attachments. So whatever it is that we're physically very attached to we should understand and that some things comes from love and care that if we can release these attachments, if we can really let go of control, we can not only gain control, but actually have all this condensed coming into our life in a much bigger and better magnitude. Also, it's a very exciting day because actually today, five planets are in Capricorn. It's very rare, and it's very unbelievable. We know that the sun and the moon are in Capricorn, we know that the Venus and Mercury and Pluto. So what does it mean? It means that especially the next three days are amazing days for us to focus— to focus on those physical and spiritual goals, that we're able to sit down and concentrate, which is actually very funny timing considering we're in the middle of holidays with our families; we're shopping for presents. But now is a good time to sit down with ourselves and look over the past year and see all the things that we've done and all the things maybe for some reason couldn't achieve, and make both physical and spiritual goals. And this time it's great— you know—for both things like creating a business plan with our partners or rethinking our financial obligations and also spiritual goals. If you have a teacher in ascendance, it's a great time to ask your personal teacher what is it that I need to do in order to go to my next level in the upcoming year. And the next few days have the power to put at sea level for the upcoming calendar year, which is very special And you'll see how actually the Mercury, which is the planet of communication and the way we think about things, is in Capricorn, and also the planet of Venus, which is about how we love and relate and our relationships and the people in our life. Both of those planets are also in Capricorn, which will let us deny attachment with physicality and that desire to focus help us build the right relationships with people, build the right relationships with ourselves. And also especially for Europe, it's very interesting that the end of the summer, beginning of January, we're going to see a lot of interesting people appearing in our life. So pay attention; make sure to have your business cards on you. Who are the people coming into my life? You will notice that many of those are going to be the people from the past or the people who you feel a special connection with, whether it's relatives, friends, or more. And make sure you try and develop— open up your heart and develop a closer relationship with these specific people. In general, it's a very exciting month. So one of the greatest advices that is to maybe place a restriction on— and restrict on thinking about work too much. And also, let go and share with your family and friends. But really spiritually, the most important thing for us to really remember, for Capricorns especially because it's their month, and also for the rest of us to really fight against our physical nature and our physical attachments and to rise above them through opening our heart and really investing in the spiritual work to hopefully make this a much, much better year for us than everyone around us. So I wish you guys an unbelievable year to come. Happy holidays to everyone. It will be very exciting to see all of you in the new year to come. Thank you.

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Astrology forecast for Capricorn

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