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So my voice really pisses me off Here's the thing, I get comments like this all the fucking time You're so quiet Why are you whispering? Speak up motherfucker! Look, I'm sick and tired of your asses telling me this the whole fucking time. Yes I am I swear this comment really pisses me off People must think I don't know or that I like this fucking shit That's not true at all My voice pisses me off just as much as it pisses you off Trust me Thing is this bitch doesn't want to go any louder than that And I am generally not a loud person at all I'm actually really fucking quiet Probably the quietest person you've ever met And I don't talk like this in real ,and I don't act hysterical either Perhaps I would if I was in the right environment But right now, in this school - mkm, no, hell no The funny thing is that my voice sounds super loud when I speak like this It's like my neighbours, or anyone outside my door for that matter must've heard But in reality it was probably nothing Well I don't fucking know what's wrong with it I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from Pretty much for my entire life, I've been really reserved around people like I just feel like it And I don't talk much cuz I still feel like that But I am trying to change it, I'm switching schools soon, that feels like a good change because the new school's supposed to have everything I've ever wanted to do in my life Know that I don't like being quiet either and it pisses me off just as much as it pisses you off Rant over

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Country: Estonia
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Posted by: ayrenvids on May 29, 2013

pisses me off

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