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price of sex

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Hi. I'm Nancy L√≥pez reporting for Mission [email protected] Tonight we are at Fifty Crows Gallery in San Francisco for the opening of an exhibit called The Price of Sex which looks at the sex trafficking going on on Eastern Europe of young women. Corina was first trafficked at the age of 14 What do you want people to take today from today's show? I think that the first is to get informed, become aware feel,which is incredibly important feel empathy, not pity but empathy, compassion and then do something because what's the point of doing this work we don't do this for nice wine and cheese This is global. I was just in Texas last week and this happens to girls being brought form Mexico this happens to girls form Africa, Asia. this is all around the world and they are looking for ways to get a piece of the west Chakarova left Bulgaria to come to the U.S when she was 13 I think it's really important to always remember your roots always remember the people who you left behind and is that what compelled you to do this project over 7 years? Very much so. Definitely There is one photo back there of this woman looking up, and she's smiling into the light and it seems like a very uplifting moment and so I wanted to ask you, amidst the desperation and the situations they've been have you witnessed these uplifting moments? Absolutely. It's life Life with anything, even when you focus on tragedy there is so much beauty in life and these girls. The reason why I chose to do this in color was exactly for that reason. I did not want to take that life away from them. As a woman, what was it like getting access to the woman that you've been following ver the years? Getting access to the women has been the most challenging and what people don't realize is that you are looking at 7 years of work you would think that in 7 years, I should have thousands of images and I don't because the camera is the last thing. It's the last part of the equation What I mean by this is you just spend so much time getting to know the women, and hearing their stories and you are just a listener and I don't know, you want to call it a journalist because you're not really and you are not a friend so it's some kind of a strange combination of just the presence. A non judgamental presence in their lives. And the last step is actually pulling out the camera and saying, i'm going to take a picture. To see more of Mimi Chakarova's work and learn about the upcoming documentary visit This has been Mission Eyes.

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price of sex

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