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Dnard Jongman Interview V6_1

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My name is Denhard Jongman, I am a Solution Development Director for NEC. Over here we show you some of the solutions that we have available to really enhance the employee experience during the day of an employee in the office of out of the office. So today, let's say the experience of the employee is changing and for that we developed several solutions that will enhance the customer experience and the employee experience based on our solutions. These solutions can run on different devices and it's more or less a complete office at your fingertips running on a mobile application that you can download in the Android or the Apple store. We have different solutions available for visitor management, for employee management. All of these are integrated to one complete Smart Workspace for the end customer. Based on those solution components that we have, the end customer can create its own Smart Workspace for a specific organization. For all the integrations, which are very important, we do have the UNIVERGE Integration platform. With the UNIVERGE Integration platform we really can bring all the different solution building blocks together. It doesn't matter if it's either on the voice part, on the IT part, based on the UNIVERGE Integration platform, we really can deploy a specific Smart Workspace for the end customer. Of course we do have a lot more information about the Smart Workspace. If you want to know more about the different solutions that we can provide in the Smart Workspace area, please go to the URL below. Orchestrating a brighter world. NEC.

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Dnard Jongman Interview V6_1

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