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Jorge Ramos remembers 9/11 ten years later

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September 11th of 2001 started for me as a perfect day. It was beautiful in Miami. I remember that I went out to run with my dog, and... During that time, the most popular song in the United States was from U2: "It's a beautiful day", it's a beautiful day. And it was, on September 11th until the first plane crashed Which I thought that it had been an accident by the pilot. And then the second, the second plane that crashed against the Twin Towers, I realized that we were actually facing something totally different. When the third plane falls into the Pentagon, and then we find out about a fourth plane, I realize that it is a real attack against the United States and that we were not prepared. The first thing I did was... First, go pick up my son, Because we didn't know if it was an attact against the entire United States, and once I made sure that he was safe, and that my family was safe, I came here to Univision. We were on air here at... ... 22 yards for... ... I don't know, I figure it was around 15, 16 hours, And then, since there were no planes, the airports were shut down, we drove 22 hours to get to Ground zero. And, in Ground zero, there was absolute chaos. The police could not control anything at all, and I remember having entered where the Twin Towers had fallen and... Suddenly I stop, and I realize that the smoke and the ashes that I was breathing in were in part, yes, of the fallen buildings, but also of the almost 3,000 people that had died there. I mean, Literally, I was breathing in the dead And that sensation of having inhaled And breathed in the dead I could not get rid of it for weeks. In fact, the clothes that I was wearing were absolutely Pervaded and... but most of all it was that shock of knowing that within you were, were the dead. I have covered several wars before but never something like this, where where we were all affected, and since then life is different. It's not a beautiful day anymore. We're already used to going through metal detectors, of speaking about terrorism, of accusing people of being terrorists if you don't like them of fearing an attack constantly. And my son, for example, who's 13 years old he was 13 at the time, is used to idea that wars are normal. He grew up with the war in Afghanistan, and then the war in Iraq And his video games are as violent as wars themselves. Therefore, that day changed us forever, and now we have learned to live with terrorism, but I think that that september 11th marked us, and me, personally, it will mark me forever.

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Posted by: gbeltran on Oct 24, 2011

"Jorge Ramos recordó el 9/11 diez años después."

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