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C4L10: Serve Return Sway

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You know so many people, coaches that is have their students bouncing up and down waiting on return serves, move, move, move. The problem here is that puts you in a digital frame of mind its very jerky and it really doesn't help you do anything but move quickly. As you know at this point, you know moving efficiently and slowly is really the way to go. Now here is my partner, doubles partner, and great tennis player and confident in this system giving you his version which is my version. Get the racket back early, this kind of moving fast if a lot different than you are getting your whole body mobilized to where you can move your body with the ball. Rather than this kind of jerky kind of motion, even though they think it gets them ready it actually gets them out like you say the movement where you're not The transition between the hit the ball to you, you don't all of a sudden go from here into your stroke. You should be like say be subtly moving. You can make a quick move somewhere its not just a twitching muscle movement trying to react quickly. The point we are making here is this, the best return of servers, the Agassi's and Rios's, Connors they might have bounced up one or twice but then they immediately get into this sway from side to side. What that does it allows you to unfold naturally into the stroke. You can see hear as Paul sways from side to side he goes right into the forehand. His figure 8 sways right into the backhand, one handed or two handed. I would emphasize that you and your student really think about getting into this quite frame of mind and this equally analoged system where you are right in the center doing your little figure 8 getting to unfold into either side into a larger figure 8. You will return serve much better than just dancing around, bouncing around hoping to twitch and move quickly into the back swing.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

There is definitely a "best" way to prepare for the serve return. Hint: It's not bouncing.

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