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漂亮恶魔! 白雪公主 李嘉欣 白马王子 黎明: 漂亮背后的惊人真相!?

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Desteni Interdimensional Portal Interview: System Demon 36 - Beauty Demon [em] i am the Beauty System Demon Obviously you'd have Expect it to be a Female Expression we Tried it with the..which one? i think it's the Mother System Demon or something, and we thought know we're What we Are we speak like a male, I suppose, but we Are Not - male or fucking female so... Here i am - the Beauty System Demon [hah] my Hair Pretty Enough? is my Hair Perfect? it must Look Beautiful. is my Makeup on Perfect? it Has to Be Beautiful is my my Clothing Alright?...i have to Look Presentable i have to Look Beautiful. my Shoes, are my Shoes ok? are my Shoes Acceptable? i Wonder - what will Anyone Think? i've to Look Beautiful, i've to be Perfect Beauty - is the Quintessence of me Beauty - is in the Eye of the Beholder therefore, i have to Look Like a Beautiful Pretty Picture Oh ~ God! i cannot Eat burger and chips - No i have to Watch my Weight [nods] i have to Watch my Weight, Body has to be Perfect - i have to Look Beautiful! Botox - yes, Botox Injection - Please! my Face, Wrinkles ~ Oh Fuck! there's a Wrinkle, Jesus Christ! Botox - Botox, injection Please - 911, Botox [em] i have to go to Gym, I have to Work on these abs. you know, they have to be Perfect, Beautifully Perfect Men also, there's Also a Beauty Construct system in Men Watch this Face, Woman. Abs, Absolute Perfect Beautiful [hem] this Things - Nice and Strong. [pew] They Stand in Front of the Mirror [pew, pew] let's do some Gyming Here - Perfect, Beautiful Body ~ Yees is my Teeth White Enough? my Teeth, White Enough? my Teeth - Beautiful..Must be Beautiful, Everything Must be Beautiful i Must be Beautiful Like a Flower. Yes, a Flower is Beautiful Flower is Beautiful... Ok, so that's what Men and Women Usually kind of Do you know - with Beauty they Perceive Beauty to be what They fucking Look Like Oh ~ God, and then there're Models - which are, the Most Fucked Up Systems, i've Seen in my Whole Life Beings that are Deemed Beautiful, in this World - are Really Screwed Up in the Head the Chase for Beauty, in this World is - Hilarious how human beings, fuck up their human Physical Body, to just Look Beautiful to just Look Perfect - and their minds are Screwed Up they Belong in a Mental Institution Seriously, human beings have got a Warped Idea, of Beauty and that's Where i am - i am a Warped System of Beauty [hem] the Beauty System Demon human beings take the Word - "Beauty", and "Beautiful" and fucking Erase Anything that is Referred to as Beauty. Why? Because Beauty has Never Existed! Why does the word Beauty Exist? Because the fucking word - Ugly Exists! you've Got Beautiful - and you've Got Ugly or Disgusting. you've Got Light - you've Got Dark you've Got Bad - you've Got Good [have to] Jesus! it's Polarity Manifestation Anything that is of Polarity Manifestation - you have to Do the Following With. so, if you've Defined Beauty - Even to a fucking Flower! you're Judging that Flower - you're Comparing that Flower you're Placing Comparison and Judgment Onto that Flower Why? Because for a Beautiful Flower to Exist - there has to Exist an Ugly Flower, Right? and i am Certain - in Each and Every Single human being's mind there is a Beautiful Flower, and then - there are Flowers that are Ugly - have a Look just Because of a Word - just Because human beings, just don't Let fucking Flowers, be what They Are! are Flowers Doing Anything to you? - No! they're just Here! they're just Expressing Themselves and then human beings Come, and go - "that Flower Is Beautiful!" "that Flower is Ugly - i don't like that Flower" there you go - manifesting Beauty and Ugliness in your World, with the Beautiful Flowers, Apparently, that Exist in this World - and then the Ugly Flowers, that Apparently, Exist in this world why Not just fucking Leave the Flowers Alone?! Flowers are just Expressing themselves, and then again, Leave Human Beings Alone! you know, Ugly - Beautiful, Jesus Christ! you've Got Models, and you've Got People, that who are apparently Fat and Obese Why do you think Obesity Exists? Why do you think People who are Fat Exist? Because there are People that are fucking Skinny Exist! Because People that have fucking Beautiful Bodies Exist! Why do you think People are Obese? Because the People that are Skinny - Starve Themselves! then a Balance - Has to Exist in Existence, and the People [have to] Over Eat Themselves! So! if you Chase After Beauty - Know that you're Actually Supporting Both human beings: who are Obese Okay? Killing themselves, and People who are Starving [nods] - mmm hmm...Yes because now you Go, i've to be Beautiful - I've have to do This, This, This. Eat Properly, Look Properly...bla bla bla to Balance that Equation Out - what Has to Exist? People who have fuck all. People who Have Nothing, People who Are Actually Starving! so, human beings, for Instance: I Forgive Myself that I have Accepted and Allowed myself to define beauty according to a flower manifestation in this world. I Forgive Myself that i have Accepted and Allowed myself to define beauty according to Pictures Presentation of myself I Forgive Myself that i have Accepted and Allowed myself to Define Beauty according to the Cloths i wear I Forgive Myself that i have Accepted and Allowed myself to Define Beauty according to the Makeup i wear I Forgive Myself that i have Accepted and Allowed myself to Define Beauty according to the Picture of me when i stand in front of the Mirror I Forgive Myself that i have Accepted and Allowed myself to Wish to be as Beautiful as a Model in Magazine and on the Television I Forgive Myself that i have Accepted and Allowed myself to Desire to be as Beautiful as Models on the Television don't Come and Tell me you don't think that - Please! Every woman do! Woman - if you Seriously Go and Walk, right? and People who would say they're - Fat or Obese, and say: "you know, i eat because i Accepted Myself" - Please! you have Not. you're Eating because you're Depressed so, human beings: Everyone's fucking this World Up with one Word - Beauty Why? Because for Beauty to Exist - Ugliness Has to Exist for Thin to Exist - Fat has to Exist know what i am saying. so, i Suggest you Probably also Speak to the Polarity Demon so, i am the Beauty Demon and...the Beauty System Demon so, Anything that you have Defined - take the Word Beauty Look in yourself, Look in your World, Look at the World in it's Entirety and Look at Everything that you have Defined Beauty as - and Do Forgiveness on Them a Flower, a House, a Car, a Carpet, god damn Nails, Clothes, Shoes in your Walk during your Day, you go, “That's beautiful” Forgive Yourself, in That Moment Why? Because if you manifest that as Beauty you're Going to manifest something out - in the Balancing Act that's Ugly so, the Whole Industry of Models, and fucking Magazines, and the All Beauty Industry is Also Part of Me and that is why also..Another Reason Why human beings are Starving and Why human beings are Killing Themselves Because of Obesity You're as Responsible - if you Define Anything According to what Beauty is and is of this world, Separate from You - Problem Okay, Thank you very much. [pew] Speak Later Please Join us for Discussion: For Regular Interview Updates: Join: Beyond the Grave, DesteniProdDemons

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