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Common associated symptoms of children with autism are related to sensory integration. One of the three symptoms is sensory over-responsivity. (Demonstration) They may have bizarre responses (Demonstration) to certain frequencies or sounds. When they hear noises from construction sites or hair dryers they may be irritated. On the contrary, some children may be often under responsive to pain and unaware of bumping or falling. Some children may particularly interested in spinning or speedy objects so they may spin themselves. The brain processes sensory information by filtering the information according to the scale, nature and strength of stimuli. For example, water splashed on face or hair are usually inoffensive. But children with autism treat them differently as there are problems with their filtering, amplifying or sensory system causing over-responsivity or intense behaviours. Some of them even hate washing hair or cannot contact with water completely. Just like many other autistic kids Chloe has varying degrees of sensitivity issues that her parent need to take care of. Dealing with her hair, she need to overcome many difficulties. She couldn't tolerate a haircut or hair washing Before she was five, one of us held her while another washed her hair before she started to wail. We've tried that but it totally didn't work. If we forcibly catch her and shower her with water she must scream and cry. The most profound consequence was she's afraid of me afterwards. She couldn't rebuild trust with me for a long time. She was scared of me. Then, we tried to do it step-by-step. Her school gave me strategies to reduce her responsiveness. First I showered her legs with water, then her hands. If she didn't resist, I showered her upper body When it was close to her head I sprayed her face, then her hair.

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