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[INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION] >> Hello, everyone. [Welcome! We'll be getting started at 2pm Eastern Time.] And welcome to today's Live Ambassador Broadcast. [We look forward to connecting with you soon!] Thank you for joining us. And sorry, we got started a little bit late. [Live ambassador Broadcast with Joshua Rosenthal] But this is Maggie, and I will be guiding us through today's call. Now Integrative Nutrition founder, director, and primary teacher, Joshua Rosenthal is here. [Maggie, IIN Graduate, Health Coach,] And together, we are going to share exclusive tips [and Ambassador Support Team Member] on how you can use the busy holiday season to boost your referral rewards. So here's how the call will work. First up, I will bring the man of the hour, Joshua Rosenthal on to the call and explain why our IIN Ambassadors are so vital for our mission and rocking the ripple. We'll explain how to convey [Today you will meet Joshua Rosenthal,] the transformative power [who'll explain why our IIN ambassadors are so vital] of the Health Coach Training Program [for our mission and 'rocking the ripple"!] to increase your referrals and we'll share tips and tricks [Learn how to convey the transformative power of the HCTP] to use word of mouth marketing [to increase your referrals.] to your greatest advantage. [Find out tips and tricks to use word of mouth marketing] And by the end of this call, [to your greatest advantage.] you'll have discovered new inspiration [Discover new inspiration for a social media marketing plan] for a social media marketing plan or a refresh [or a refresh if you already have an existing program] if you already have an existing program in place. Now before we dive in, I want to take a moment to make sure everyone is familiar with how to use the questions and comments boxes [Share with us!] because there will be points throughout the broadcast where we'll ask for your feedback or questions. So you'll see those boxes on the Webinar control panel probably to the right side of your screen. So when we ask you to share a comment or we ask you a question, you'll type into those boxes and we'll also have time at the end of the call, so for people to ask any questions and we'll take time to make sure we answer them. All right, so before we dive in, I want to just hear where [Where are you calling in from?] everyone is calling in from because we have a huge community around the world and it's always great to see where people are calling in from. So if you find that questions box, go ahead and just type in where you are calling in from. Okay, we have Iceland, Seattle, Washington, Michigan, Texas, Oh, my gosh, there's so many. Oh, my gosh, I can't... Oh, my gosh, Nevada, Detroit, Texas, Washington State, Northern California. Oh my gosh. I... You guys, there's New York, and that's where we are calling in from too. We are calling in from New York. Okay, cool. Now that we've got that under the way, I just want to get one more thing ready so we can get grounded and underway to get us fully present and focused so we can make the most of our time together and really absorb everything that's going on. So unless you're driving, let's all close our eyes and take a deep breath in through the nose. And as you exhale, release the breath [Just Breathe] through the mouth with a gentle, "ah." Now let's try that again, inhale through the nose, and feel your body fill up with air and all the positive energy being exchanged between everyone on the call. Now Danielle Laporte says, "We are not empty, we are full of space." And I think that's a really beautiful perspective. So exhale again with an "ah." And really feel how your body relaxes and softens a little more with each "ah." So last time, now let's inhale through the nose and with this final exhale, ground yourself in this moment. Anchor your body in your seat and really settle right here into the here and now, so with nowhere else to go and there is nothing else to do. All right, I feel good. I hope you feel good. And I think the stage is perfectly set to introduce Joshua. So without further ado, please join me in welcoming him. Hi, Joshua. [Joshua Rosenthal,] >> Hi, Maggie. Hi, everyone. [Integrative Nutrition Founder, Director,] Thanks for taking time today to be on this call. [and Primary Teacher] >> Yes. Thank you so much for joining us. Now we want to kick off this call from hearing from our Ambassadors. So again, if you guys can open you questions box, we'd love to know what you love most about Integrative Nutrition. Just let me know and I'm going to read some of those questions out loud. [What do you love about IIN?] Now I'll start off and just let you guys know that I love our IIN community and that's what I love the most. Now, Joshua, I'm sure, you have a number of things that you love the most too. >> We are the healthiest, happiest people in the healthcare system. It's just amazing, I can go to any event, find the happy, healthy people, and I know they're IIN graduates. >> Yeah, no, same. So do I. Oh, my gosh, okay, so people have filled the chat box. "The focus on primary food over secondary food." That's what Carrie says. Katrina says, "It's reinvented my whole life, depth of knowledge shared by IIN and our IIN community." I completely agree. "To get to truly know myself," says Farah. "All the knowledge about health," says Diane. Krystal says, "She loves the community and being around like-minded people." Yes, that's me, I love our community." Another, Michelle also says, "I love our IIN community." And she's become very good friends with her accountability partner. Someone says, "I love listening to Joshua speak. He grounds me when I need it." Totally, couldn't agree more with that. Paula says, "Bringing in spirituality as primary food." Vanessa says, "How genuine and interesting it is." And I completely agree with that. Selda says, "She loves the concept of bio-individuality and primary food." Concepts and programs... "Other programs are missing these concepts." She's in her sixth month of the program, and she's been puzzled about the amount of research conducted on different diets and how they each work which really points out that one pill does not work for everyone." Exactly. Awesome, I love... >> I just want to cut in there and say... >> Yes. >> You know, when I was a student, I had my own bias thinking, "Well this diet would work or well, that's really dumb. The other diet doesn't work." And so much of the health community is that way still, 30 years later. But, you know, eventually, you get to see that we are all individual, we're all beautiful as we are. And, you know, some people thrive on this and some people thrive on that. Some people thrive living in Manhattan and some people thrive living in the woods. Some people like this music and some people like that music. There's no way that some, you know, government body or medical association would know what people should be eating. And once you put food that we eat on a plate together with, all primary food like relationships... No one could tell you what relationship you should be in or whether you should even be in a relationship, so I think this gives much more respect to the individual to find their path. Not only with everything in life but also with what works for them with food. >> Yeah, I absolutely agree with that. So I want to jump in into our little Q&A section. Thank you guys so much for sharing what you guys love about Integrative Nutrition. I want to ask you Joshua what... You know, I want to make sure everyone is familiar with what being an Ambassador is all about and why Ambassadors are so important to us in spreading the ripple effect. [Creating a Movement to Change the World] >> Sure, I chose the word Ambassador [Our community is working to improve] when I started this program is because like, [the world's health and happiness -] you know, countries have Ambassadors to other countries. [one Health Coach at a time.] And I'm just one person and so when there are Ambassadors, [You are part of an IIN community with 100,000 students] then people can go out and represent me, [and graduates in over 150 countries around the world] represent the school, [who are creating a health revolution.] and, you know, everyone wants what you've got. Everyone wants like, "What do I eat, what do I do, how do I stay happy, how do I focus on getting exercise?" And so the Ambassador program is, in many ways, the lifeblood of the school because we do have so many raving fans and I'll bet many of you came to the school through someone who was an Ambassador. So sure, we advertise, you know, Google and here and there, but really our best students come through word of mouth, through people like you saying, "I did this, experienced, it changed my life. It's awesome. Try it out, you're going to love it." Back to you, Maggie. >> Yeah, so... And that actually comes right around to my next point. So the Ambassadors are how we get our best students and they get them by sharing their experience. So how do they share their experience in an authentic way that can really convince people that this is what they should take, you know, this should be their next step. >> Yeah, I think, you know, people often, they just notice that you're different. You know, that saying, "Hey did you change your hair? Did you get a haircut? Did you... What... There's something different about you." And I think what's most different about people who are going through IIN or finished IIN is that they are less lost [Share your story!] than most people. I think all the people are just like, "What are we doing here? What am I supposed to be doing with this one precious life of mine?" And people who have gone through this school, they feel more grounded, they're more clear, and very mission-driven to help reduce... There's so much sufferings in the area of health, so much bad medicine out there. And so people can tell if something's going on with you and to just like if you see a good movie or you read a good book, you're talking with friends and family especially during the holidays and you say, "You know, I'll tell you what, you want to know something really good to do. You want to know why I'm glowing. This is what's up?" And it really, I know from my own experience. I got my parents to do the program and, you know, they're probably still alive because they did the program. Every time the doctors come around and they do don't take all that as gospel. And they understand that health comes from within. So, you know, in a way, I'm an Ambassador too. That word of mouth authenticity makes a big difference with people. And usually, like people come up to me a lot and say, "Oh, my God, this program changed my life." And then I always ask, you know, "What exactly did it change?" But after that, everyone has a different story. And so when you are sharing about the school and about your experience, you want to talk, you know, heart-to-heart about really what changed and how you are clearer and stronger today and how your future has a whole different tangent now than it did before. >> Yeah, that's great and it's amazing. I love that you say people are just going to be able to recognize it like, "Yeah, that person, something's going on with that person and I want that." And that's a great way to start the conversation. So how do Ambassadors... So if they, you know, graduated from the program and they have started to take on clients, how would you say they can turn... How would you recommend them turning in their clients into referrals into the program if they [Clients = Referrals] haven't taken the program yet and vice-versa if, you know, their referrals, if you refer them to the program, how do you get them, kind of, to become your first client or second client or third client? >> Oh, I know it from when I was doing health coaching, you know, it's not for everyone but it is for everyone who is enthusiastic. When you have clients, there's some people who just get it, they're just like a sponge. And they want to do everything that you recommend and they get ahead of schedule and they're really on point. And then you have clients who it's like everything is like twisting their arm. And so for the ones who are getting it and feel motivated and love it, it's easy, it's like, you know, you can do the program with them and then also say, you know, "If you really want to go to the next level, this will take you there. I went through this program, you can get this curriculum guide and see if it's for you." >> Yeah, I think that's true. There's definitely going to be clients who aren't going to want to do that at all, but for those ones who are always eager for more, more, more, that's a good opportunity for them. That's great. And you've mentioned earlier, word of mouth marketing and I would just want you to elaborate on that more, why is it so crucial for talking about the Health Coach Training Program and creating, you know, greater health and happiness for all because most of our referrals are really coming from word of mouth. >> Yeah, I mean, we're the largest health coaching school in the world that no one really knows about. Sometimes when I'm shopping at Whole Foods, I look around and I think to myself, "Even at Whole Foods, probably 80% of people never even heard of Integrative Nutrition." And so when... How are they going to hear about it and how will they feel like it's authentic? And that really comes from word of mouth when you're in a community, a yoga community, or a church, or a temple, or a school, where people know you and trust you. And then like the biggest thing today is that people are deeply unsatisfied with their health, with their relationship, with the medical system, and they're looking for something for themselves, for their children. And so it's kind of an easy conversation to go into with people because they are stumps. It's a... They're in a situation where they don't know where to turn to. So when you bring this up, I find ways for them to be curious, why you are the healthiest, happiest person in the room. And then it flows easily from there with the right people, the ones who you have, kind of, prescreened to know that they are open for this 'cause it's not for everyone. But it is for everyone who wants to be healthy and happy for the rest of their lives. >> Yeah. And there's been such a movement on people who want to be more healthy and happy. I think, you know, like you said, people are really starting to question traditional healthcare which is where I think, you know, our graduates can really advantage on sharing this information that the Health Coach Training Program provides. So we're going to switch gears a little bit and I want to talk about something that I know we all love here and that is social media. So that's stuff that's, you know, online [The power of social media!] and not these offline conversations that we're having, so I want you to know, Joshua, you are a social media expert. What is one thing that IIN Ambassadors should be doing right now on social media in your opinion? >> Well, you know, today, it's a new era where everyone has a voice. And you want to... I think you want to get good at social... It's worth learning, it's not going away. You can create a lot of free promotion for yourself by figuring out what your audience is looking for and feeding them that information and watching their engagement grow. For example, I only joined Instagram about two months ago for real, and I was like, "Oh my God, this is completely different world than Facebook." Everyone's 20 years younger. They're so hungry for information and... So my main point is to get good at it or find a young person who's really good at it. And then you can like get them to just do posting for you and they will figure out what's working and what's not working 'cause a lot of people don't have time to figure it all out. But there's, you know, millions of people there and you can build a following and many people are very successful with it. >> Yeah. I think Instagram is great. I feel like I don't even know it as much. It's new to me, it's constantly changing. So just being, you know, informed on what's going on with Instagram 'cause it just seems to be growing as one of the social media platforms. Now I know you mentioned, if you don't use it, what do you recommend them starting if they want to get into using it? So they have zero social media. What's a good place to start? >> Well like I say, there's two different ways to approach it. If you have someone who's good at it, you know, especially young people will work at very reasonable rates. And they can build out your page and you just give them instructions on what to do and that's a great way to go. If you're doing it on your own, probably you already have a personal Facebook page, you really need to decide if your personal page is going to the same as your professional page. For a lot of people, the answer is yes and they just have picture of their kids and weekend activities all on one page. But for... If you really want to be a professional about... Like if I go to see my doctor, I don't want to see my doctor's weekend activities and everything. I just want to see my doctor's Facebook and what information they are sharing about that specific topic. So I generally recommend you open a separate page and you have to stay active. The quickest way to stay active is to find an article everyday that you like, and all you got to do is post it on your Facebook page with a commentary. And the commentary can even just be an excerpt from the article. When I got started, that's what I did. I read a lot, I just post an article, put in an excerpt, and then people start engaging and commenting, and then you will find the people who are repeat visitors. While that's happening, you can also, every two or three posts, say something your program, say something about frees consultation, say something about a cleanse, and you kind of... It's like in-house advertising but it's as opposed, and so people are reading this post, this post, and then they see your post that something you are promoting and that gives you the traffic and the new clients or interest in the school as an Ambassador. >> Yeah, and it grows and grows. So just you have to start somewhere I feel like which I think is great. Now I want to ask you if there's anything else you'd like to share with our IIN Ambassadors or if you'd like me to open up the questions and we can answer some questions live. >> Mostly, it's just important to know that, you know, that we really have it going on. I'm going to post this article that was written this week by Tony Robbins. Well, it was on his blog talking about how it must be that the entire future of healthcare is with health coaching and there's no one who does health coaching better than IIN graduates. So I'm just sharing that. You know, this really is the future. I've been doing this all my life, you know, especially the last 30 years. And, you know, month by month and year by year, everything is leading in the same direction. And, you know, there are embedded interests by the pharmaceutical industry, by the medical industry, that keeps this from progressing more quickly. But if you think about it at the end of the day, you know, people's health issues are not a lack of antibiotics or, you know, viruses in the air. You know, people's health is because of extremely poor diet and extremely poor lifestyle. And there's no one who talks about that better than IIN graduates. So I'm here today to help strengthen your confidence to know that we really have it going on. And, you know, I go to doctors the same as you go to doctors, and, you know, they're really, it's like a dinosaur. They are from a different era where they can't grab their brain around talking about diet and lifestyle. And for the most part, it's a 10-minute appointment and you walk out with a prescription. It's the craziest thing and that's why the American and the world, medical expenses continue to spiral out of control much more than inflation. It's because no one's doing anything to prevent, no one's doing anything to educate. It's just like, "We'll teach you how to drive a car after you get into an accident." So we'll teach you how to be healthy after you get sick and we won't even teach you, we'll just give you something and you'll never learn how to be healthy. So just to repeat, you know, I'm here to give you confidence that you know enough now and you want to find ways to share who you are, and what you do, and what the school is about. And the more you do it, it's like the muscle, the more you do it, the stronger you will get at it. >> Yeah, I was just checking in my head when you were saying that because it's so true. It is kind of hilarious. You do go in and you walk out with this pill to fix everything but I think we're really fixing things, you know, instead of doing our preventive. And everyone, our Ambassadors are fixing things and it's awesome what we are all doing. So thank you, Joshua, so much for your words of wisdom. >> Of course. >> For being here. And we will make sure to share that link with everyone, the Tony Robbins article, so everyone can see that. Thank you for being here with us here today. >> My pleasure. >> So this was such a wonderful call, you guys. And I do know I speak for everyone listening when I say, [Thank you! We're so glad you joined us!] "We are so grateful that we can have Joshua here and he can connect with us." And we thank you guys for taking the time to come out and be here today. We really appreciate everything you do and we are here to support you and so happy to do it. So we will stay on the chat and question boxes now. We'll stay on to answer any questions that you have. Tomorrow, we'll also be sending out the recording of this call, so everyone who registered will receive it and it will be posted on the ShareIIN blog, so you can access that signing in and scrolling down to the blog section. We'll also, in the email tomorrow, share the link to the article Joshua mentioned. And if you haven't logged on to Share IIN in a while, it is the same username and password that you've used to access your Learning Centre. So I wish you all a beautiful rest of your day. We'll be on the chat box for a while now to answer any questions. And I will look forward to connecting and supporting you guys. All right, talk to you soon, bye.

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