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What is the Third Eye? Sadhguru

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so what is it refer to as third eye is we always said shiva will open his third eye and he can burn up the whole existence if he wants you need to understand this is dialectical culture you don't take these things literally,logically you need to always read behind it unfortunately people start into putting into as logical thing and then whole thing is so badly started dimension which cannot be express logically I always packed up in these kinds of Stories. so that they're preserved without distortion so shiva opens his third eye and he either everything burns up or he sees everything clearly so third eye is not a physical thing it is just that if your energies reach certain peak within you you have a new clarity of vision of life you see everything from a completly different dimension so you start seeing things it's in arrive ,we say or we can say it can turn inward or outward whichever way you turn it so these eyes are only cant roll your eyeballs inward and see whats within you.isnt it? so third eyes is both ways. if you want to turn it inward or you can turn it outward whichever way you are seeing life beyond the normal way of limitations your perception your perception has arisen beyond the physical that is the third eye why is it connected to a particular spot in your body among the seven chakras the sixth dimension is called as agna agna is located slightly above the where the eyebrows meet there are three dimensions attached to it these three dimensions are traditionally named after shiva. three different forms of shiva but these three are actually experiential points in the body where your energy moves to that point your experience of life alter itself the whole process of whatever spiritual process you are doing consciously or unconsciously is fundamentally to move to a higher plane of perception.isnt it? yes? you call it God you call it kundalini you call it yoga you call it What you want but fundamentally Whole thing is to raise your perception from the limited perception to higher possibility so if your energies are in the lowest chakras which is refer to muladhara food and sleep will be the most dominant factors of your life only food and sleep you will not know anything else your energies moves into swathistana then you are a pleasure seeker .you enjoy the physical world in so many different ways if your energies move into manipuraka then you are a dual in the world you are an achiever if your energies move into anakatha you're a creative person may be you are an artist ,or you are a painter and or something you You move creative about of life if your energies move into visuddhi you become dominant there you're a power house power need not mean just this human beings can be powerful in so many different ways so this is the power center. if the energies move into agna then you have a clarity of vision now You’re intellectually realised not experientially realised intellectually realised if you touch the point life cannot disturb you life cannot take a toll on you because intellectually you are realised but still you are not ecstatic in any way you don't know the ecstasy of life but you have stability of life nothing can touch you and nothing can disturb you you come to that point from the lowest point of muladhara to agna there are many ways of reaching there so many parts million different parts of how to get there but from agna to sahasra there is no way it's a pathless spot This is the reason why lots of people are talking only about peace because they only got to till here and they don't know what's beyond so they are assuming and concluding that it's ------- because there is no particular path or method to get beyond.there are no particular methods or there are no methods when all methods are dropped only then from agna to sahasra one will reach. if your energies touches sahasra the topmost chakra you will become ecstatic for no reason simply you will ecstatic you don't need any extra will see those of you who come to bhava spandana simply ecstatic nothing is happening nobody's telling you beautiful thing ---------in lottery nothing simply you are ecstatic just blowing,like that because your energies are hit in sahasra so from here to here there is no journey so when you come here if you can turn this third eye inward only then you see that there is no way the only wish to jump to jump into total emptiness you know either you must be crazy or you must have absolute trust in somebody else’s word there is only two ways you can jump into nothingness isnt it? Either you must be crazy that you don't care what happens to you or you have so much trust in somebody if he says jump you anyway will jump these are only two ways so the third eye is something that gives you a total clarity off how things are how life process is when i say life don't think of life in terms of waking up in the morning eating going into the party not that life fundamental life life as you life as an entity life as a basis of the existence right now ones who have clear vision of this then the way you function and the way you conduct your life is very very different once your third eyes opens this is not going to split and open up your perception is reason beyond the physical you have started seeing that which is beyond the physical have you heard about those schools? 0:07:31.419,0:07:33.620 they have them blind so they develop this ability to do remote healing? no those schools have fundamentally trying to develop the intutive nature of mind but I'm not talking about the mind. When i am saying third eye see mind is capable of fantastic things by itself you have not to explode even a small percentage of the minds capabilities human beings have not explode even in very small capabilities of the mind what they're trying to do by closing of the eyes for a certain period is to develop an intutive mind for example a person who is physically handicapped his sense of the other four sense is a very high isn't it have you noticed this their capability so uncanny how they hear things how they know things just by the direction of sound so that is about hiding a certain aspect of the mind so that they become intutive thats the difference dimension. even in India people who want to train in astrology people want to train in predicting other people's lives and things they shut their eyes long period so that they read their minds in particular way when i say third eye we are not talking about the mind at all it doesn’t involve the normal process of the mind it's a different dimension but itself.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what is the third eye? Sadhguru reveals his insight into the third eye or ajna chakra. (AO71)

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