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Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal - La importancia de las ideas

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The same way, there are people here that we fall in love with. There are ideas that we fall in love with. [Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal Renowned anthropologist] Just like there are objects that we find beautiful, there are ideas that we find beautiful or repugnant. And that infatuation that we suffer with ideas, if we are able to, with those ideas that we are in love with, make them beautiful, poetically beautiful to transmit them to others we'll get them to vibrate as infatuated with that idea. And that is how people have a language to communicate values. Because are those values the ones that connect societies, but not only at this moment. They are the ones that connect us with our elders. They are the ones that unite us with the ones to come. And what connects us is the common infatuation with ideas told and transmitted poetically. Ideas compete for our minds. Ideas are a new... object, which is object of selection and evolution. There are ideas - ideas spread or they disappear and become extinct. Zeus, the great Greek god became extinct because minds were occupied by other ideas. How do ideas spread? Well, some ideas are more capable of infecting other minds. I believe there are two mechanisms as they exist in biology. One is natural selection. Remember? The differential survival of the most capable. There is a natural selection of ideas. The differential propagation of useful ideas. That is obvious. When someone has a useful idea, the compass, that idea immediately starts to occupy other minds because it allows you to survive and live better. They are basically the ideas of technology or of the best models of economic or social organization. But most of the ideas suffer a sexual selection process and it is the differential propagation of engaging ideas. And notice that we get out of bed every morning for engaging ideas. We live because of engaging ideas, because of our values, the ones that make life valuable and meaningful. When a person is depressed, what they say is that it's horrible because nothing is meaningful, nothing has value. Engaging ideas are the ones that form the societies. Engaging ideas are the ones that allow us to go through crisis. Engaging ideas are the ones that have brought us so far. And of course, useful ideas. Engaging ideas are what it is worth living for. Useful ideas are the ones that help us to live and live better.

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Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal - La importancia de las ideas

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