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Built for the Stone Age - part three: Group Selection

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Built for the stone age Sequence Three: "Group Selection" The water theory — the process known as group selection occurs in Evolution. This said, the genes would evolve that make creatures behave in ways that not necessarily good for the individual but good for the group of which that individual is a part. Groups with such genes would thrive at the expense of other groups. This theory has now been barely fairly not gone ahead(?) ... and... Watch this, you-s-... you'll see why. Right, well, I'd like to call to order this meeting of the people of Jesmondious(?) action committee, and I'm glad to welcome you all and... I see we're nor quorumed(?), so we will get straight on with the reading of the minutes. The committee decided that in due the fact that we have now gained the ability to decide whether a child will be born male or female, that we should in future limit the production of boys to one per generation, and that all of the children should be girls, so that out tribe would be able to breed at a much faster rate, and grow and prosper accordingly. The vote was unanimous. Excellent! Thank you, Tina! Right, well... first item on the agenda today is the implementation of that resolution. Now, Anne here has been allotted to give birth to the boy. So... Hang on, how did that happen? Who allotted her the boy? Well, I thought just, you know, 'cause she asked(?)... Oh, you little skimmer(?) — going behind our backs! There should be a vote on it. Absolutely, there should. Oh, no, calm down(?)... so it doesn't really matter — does it — who has the boy? I mean, we're doing this for everyone, aren't we? Well if it doesn't(?) matter then I'll have the boy. All right, then ??? that Lydia has the boy. What? You said I could have the boy! Oh, no, it doesn't really matter Anne, dearest. Oh, it's «dearest» now, is it? No wonder... favouritism! And she's got a big nose. What? Anne allí... Sobresale una milla. If her son gets to follow(?) the whole(?) of the next generation, our tribe would be known to the world order(?) as «The Big Noses». I haven't got a big nose. Have I? Hey, hey, she's right... Oh, no- ah... don't use <i>that</i>... It's not <i>that</i> big... No, I mean she's right ??? gets to have the son, that son will pass on there genes on(?) to the whole(?) the generation after that. The rest of us will only pass on our genes to our few daughters. That settles it: <i>I</i> am having the boy. No, she shouldn't. You shouldn't pick someone old! Oh, I am not taking that from a little ??? like you! Ladies, ladies- [email protected]#$ please... Order! Ow! Ah! Please- no, no! So... We are agreed then: the sex of babies is to be randomly ???ed: half of each generation to be male, and half — female. I ??? two on the agenda... Bitch. Big-nose. So. There we are. Genes act selfishly. Still loads more to be seen. Next sequence: Engagement Rings!

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Posted by: tellmemoar on May 5, 2011

Can someone please proofread the transcription?

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