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The Canterville Ghost. Oscar Wilde (Part I)

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh! I have just seen a ghost! Don't be ridiculous, my darling! But I felt his hands on my shoulders. They were colder than yours! My dear, he hasn't been seen in years. And my hands are NOT cold. He IS back! I suppose we'll have to sell the castle. I'd say she has the most enchanting scream, ha ha ha! Peek-a-boo! Well, there it is! What do you think? Oh, daddy! I think it's just beautiful! This joint is over three hunbred years old. It got me a fortune! Who cares! Well, I do! Canterville told me the place is haunted by a ghost I said "Fine"! I'll buy him too! ha ha ha! You should have seen his face. I knew right away he was trying to jack up the price. I told him: "never try to fool a Watson!" So, remember, if you hear any noises in the night, don't worry. It's only the ghost! ha ha ha! First thing: that almond tree has to go! See, it's dead as a doornail! Welcome to Canterville castle. I'm Mrs. Umney. At your service. Your new home. Thanks, pally! Madam... Oh, my..., quite lovely, yes! What is this? An ancient prophecy. No one really knows what it says... Look at this! What is it, mum? Oh! Someone seems to have spilled something here. The truth is... that this is a famous BLOODSTAIN! Oh! How disgusting! I really don't care to have a bloodstain in my living room! It's not civilized! You must remove it at once! I'm afraid that will not be possible, madam. This is the blood of Lady Eleanor Canterville. She was murdered right on this spot by her own husband Lord Simon Canterville more that three hundred years ago! His lordship disappeared shortly afterwards and his body was never found... but his guilty spirit still haunts the castle searching for a peace he can never find... Thanks for the tour, dukey! Not a bad little place! What seems to be the trouble, dear? This bloodstain has been here forever! And the maid says it can't be removed! Ha ha! Don't be ridiculous! My Watson's Champion stain remover will take care of it in a jiffy! Watson takes the pain out of stain. Didn't I tell you? A harmless bloodstain. Ghosts!! What silliness! Ha ha! But I'm afraid I must inform you, my dear Sir, that the ghost does indeed exist! Listen to me, your highness! Show me the ghost and if he's scary enough, I'll buy him! Sir... the ghost does not belong to me, he belongs to he castle itself. It is his destiny to haunt it forever. Well, if there really is a ghost around here, maybe I can sell some tickets and make some money on this damp! Ha ha! I told you it couldn't be removed. Ah, my Watson's Extra Strength stain remover will take care of this. Just watch! Ah, there. What are we to do with a maid who faints every time it thunders?! Make her pay, just like we do for broken dishes! I guarantee she'll get over her fainting spells before you know it. See? Sir, I must apologize for my fainting spell but I have seen things in this house that would freeze your blood... Hey, dad, I want to see the ghost! Yeah, I want my blood to freeze, too! Yeah! maybe he'll come tonight! Yeah, Yeah! Relax... relax..., both of you. If there really is a ghost around here, I promise you'll see him soon. Hey, buddy boy, I'm gonna ask you a favour! Put some oil on those chains of yours! I said: put some oil on your chains! The noise is keeping us awake and I've got the very thing: Watson's Premium Lubricator. Only 2.95 a bottle, but for you it's FREE! Well, I've never seen an American like that! What is wrong with these infidels?, they have no respect for the deceased! I must show them... There he is! Get him! Go! Come on! Boo yourself, ghostie! Get him! There he goes! Get him! Get him! How dare you throw my furniture! Looks like a cushion won't do it! Nah... We'll have to get some rocks, huh? You said it! We'll get them next time for sure! Yeah! Yeah! Yah! Let's do it! That's what you think! I'm sure I got rid of that stain last night and locked the door on the way out! Maybe the ghost does have something to do with that pesky thing! Who else could possibly get in here? No one. And why is the stain orange? Weird! Hey, look! Hey, dad, we have a plan to get him! Yeah! Don't you dare. Leave the poor thing alone. Tonight I shall try my flying, leaping, groaning gremlin. It'll scare the wits out of them! ha ha Boooooooooooo Booooooooo Who are you?! Please, don't hurt me. But of course! You are here to help me! You must help me. The castle has been invaded by barbarians! Worse: Americans!

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Duration: 8 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: pilarmham on Oct 18, 2013

Animated story in two parts. Adapted by G. Munblit and S. H. Robertson.

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