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SCHOOL OF QUEST OFFICAL Theatrical edition

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music You must ask Chelsi to prom Which one of us? TOM! But I'm only a Sophomore. I'm Dang Richard Nixon My word is Final! So what now? Guess we gotta get Tom to ask out Chelsi Wait... you can't be serious We're listening to a giant floating Richard Nixon head! Yeah why not? Because I'm Tom FRICKEN Weller! So? My Name is Mat with one T Yeah Get weller Tom! Well, the smartest thing would probably be to split up to look for her *Yeah* so we all go our separate, I'll g- I'll go this way women's restroom... Chelsi? .... You in there? Chelsi? If she's not in one she will be in the other I don't think she's here Well maybe you aren't looking in the right books, man like clearly she isn't going to be in the little tiny book you have to get like- bigger like this one chelsi? Chelsi? she's not in that one Chelsi? wait... maybe she's not on the bookshelf- *maybe she's in the trash!* Maybe she's behind the bookshelf!*repeated* help me move it chelsi's a girl! Chelsi! That's not a girl! you seen chelsi anywhere? whats it to you? Its important OOooooo, do you like her? No I'm dating Trace Well I can't help you then you don't pay me to do this! what am I paying you for! you're not paying me at ALL! come on! where's my money? I don't have it. where's my money? Don't have it alright, we need to go find Chelsi oh look there's Tom where's my Money! what? what? ignore him. have you found her yet? No, but I found a guy that knows her hey Matt what's going on floor mat what do you need? where's Chelsi? I don't know... want to buy my product then maybe we'll talk what you sellin' these days? Napkins how many? enough to stuff the Hoover Dam sell individual or by the unit? I can do either but you better provide payment A;right then, she was last spotted outside "the hole" thanks welp its locked, Uncle Nixon will just have to get over it wait Tom Tom! Tom! Its unlocked! its unlocked It is? yes (Music) Get in... doesn't anyone care what I have to say? well your character was only added for comedic effect that's not true! It is true! you have like a role and stuff... See! okay, sorry man yeah better be so are we really gonna do this? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . did it hurt? no my turn. oh what's the Oh for?

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Posted by: tgelmore on Oct 16, 2018

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