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Why is Most of Earth's Population Ignorant?

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Why is most of earth's population ignorant? it puzzles me so it was a question that was posted on my- facebook wall it is simplistic to the math because everyone is pre-programmed to fulfill a personality a symbol a specific "function" a purpose a role, a reason within one system it's all pre-designed and if you do not follow your "design" your world fall apart and then it's also into different levels of functionality you have those that are fulfilling roles just to create fears and those that is necessary for the system to function to never go out of their position because otherwise they might end up in starvation or in suffering so, the whole system was designed for one purpose only enslavement the same person then left also a message- 'you cannot teach a man anything you can only help him discover it in himself' that's not true because then man would have long time- and I mean this was said by Galileo and man would have awakened a long time ago you know, there has been great cataclysmic events world wars everything man do not change you are, your in- herent design which go through an evolutionary process based on the global consciousness - evolution of the system man do not evolve the system evolve you have accepted and allowed it - you are a robot so unless you- are helped you will not get out of it and the problem is why people won't allow yourself to be helped? ego! so come and walk with Desteni let's help you if you're not willing to I mean it doesn't matter you don't exist you won't get passed- ground zero which is your death and it's your "end" the system will change - that's inevitable from all directions - this is being impulsed inevitably man! "will learn" and once man learn man will start to evolve evolution as such - is to learn and man has not learned a thing that's why man do not evolve but the system do and you are addicted to the system it's like having sugar it's like being entertained the whole time you've been conned- with consciousness and now the light is the thing that draws you trying to not look at reality so you fly to the light so that you can ascend to the light! just like a moth to a flame then your wings get burned and you can't fly anymore then maybe reality will dawn on you we will see but be sure things is going to be a lot rougher in times to come and ignorance is going to be bliss for some to the utmost until your wings are burned, and then you're gonna seek for answers and then your process only start and it takes many years - 7 to 14 years to re-program yourself - visit us at the - website if you are ready to take on a Life coaching project that will take you between 10 to 14 years! by which time we will be ready do approach the political changes necessary in this world through "democracy" - one man one vote! do not! get involve with all kinds of bullshit anarchy and activism and so on because it doesn't work who's got the power in the world? those that follow the law! follow the law don't be stupid

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 20, 2011


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