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The Nature of Belief Systems. Sadhguru

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In the society we live in organised groups there will continue to be belief systems is that so that means there will continue to be conflicts you're saying they will continue to believe is that what you're saying belief systems will continue to exist, are you making a prediction for the future? thanks I think if your intelligence functions if you allow it to function your intelligence is incapable of believing anything isn't that so yes or no yes you intelligence wants to know it is not ready to believe anything actually but you are forsaking your intelligence because your fear is so dominant you feel comfortable in beleiving but if you allow your intelligence to take you ahead your intelligence doesn't believe anything it too wants to know everything yes is that the nature of the intelligence so if you allowed your intelligence to function then you will see all your beliefs will fall apart because you know you don't know but it takes a lot of pressure to make you admit it but actually you know that you don't know isn't it do you know? yes then what's the problem you don't have to admit it to anybody at least to yourself cant you admit ok I don't know if you don't know do you see you have to use your intelligence do you see this? see suppose let's say its pitch dark you don't know how the ground is do you see how alert you will become? every step that you take that's how it is when you do not know everything becomes bright it is just looking your intelligence is all hyped up looking when you assume i know everything settles down and you go on with your stupid life is it all-right if you use your intelligence? do i have your permission? is it okay for you to use your intelligence? or is it against god? it is all right I'm asking you is it against god if you employ yourintelligence and live your life? if god was against intelligence he wouldn't have created it isn't it if the creator was against you functioning intelligently it wouldn't have been given to you so if you employ your intelligence you will see your intelligence is not willing to believe anything it is only the fear in you don't you ever believe that it is bhakti no bhakti just fear which is making you believe things isn't it that's why you made it bhaya- bhakti theres no bhaya and bhakti together if bhakti comes i am sorry you know whats bhaya -bhakti? yourself you know? bhaya means fear bhakti means devotion see if devotion comes fear will not exist in you if fear exists that means devotion has not come but you made a hybrid you want to have both bhaya-bhakti there's no bhaya- bhakti just bhaya only fear no fear and devotion cannot exist together please see this

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about belief systems in society. (SaO20)

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