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C3L3: Natural Two-Hander

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Alright so when I say natural what I mean is powerful and effortless, loose and whippy yet still controlled. Thats the natural two hander as opposed to the club two hander which is sort of a stiff and pushy not much power not much reach and not a very pleasant looking shot. The first thing you want to understand is the hips stay continuous and with the arms connected to the hips they also stay continuous and expand out on once again this sign curve this white arrow this time going out across the 45 degree angle. You will notice both Warren and Steven they use their hips and stay continuous as they round the corner on both sides. The racket never stops so once the stroke begins it never ever stops. So thats the first way to get a natural looking stroke. Lets take a look in slow motion. First thing you want to realize is you have a coil. You tuck into this coil with the butt of the racket coming back before the head of the racket almost tilting the racket head forward. Then as you make the transition, as your hips round the corner and your arms go from concave to convex thats wherein lies the power. Then at that point you've come around through that transition now you lay into that ball. Now at this point the racket head is at its quickest its just catching up. So as its out at the 45 its just catching up to the 45 degree angle from a concave position. Thats were the speed comes in its the cracking of a whip right out at the tip but as in a whip the rest of the body moves slowly with synchronicity out expanding away from the body. Once again you can see it, he tucks in with the butt of his racket first, ok you will see it right now. His hips pull the racket head is the last thing to move, see it tucks in the head is pushed forward and the butt of the racket comes back first the hips continue around the corner the racket head transitions from concave to convex then it lays into the ball right at the 45 degree angle. That is where the tip of the cracking whip. So now that you know take a look at that arrow and see how Warrens arms and racket match up and line up to that white arrow. Now lets look at the view you normally would look at a tennis player from the side or the front. See how he tucks in here, see how the head of the racket is tilted forward and the butt of the racket is really the first thing that comes back with his hips. Now from here his hips continue around the corner of the backside of the figure 8. He still has this very tight coil look at his racket head its forward. Right here as he starts to slide his hips towards the net Right through the x of the figure 8. This is were the transition happens and immediately goes from concave to convex. Then out here at the contact Warren is very loose so he actually goes one more time, he is till convex here but its shifting once again forward like the cracking of a whip. So he can hit a very heavy hard ball. When you watch Paul before or Steven they don't have exactly the same finish as Warren. Because Warren's racket head continues to go out in to the sign curve. All the way out into the hit and through the hit. So he really gets the cracking of a whip sensation out there. Thats when you notice a different sound in the ball as well as a different hit. Very often you really hear the ball get hit with an absolute crack at impact. That is how the pros make that sound. So get your students going on a nice natural two hander it looks effortless and it is effortless. Make sure your hips stay continuous and your arm flies out in that S curve. Being pulled all the time by the hips. Start getting into that S curve with your students and you will notice a huge improvement.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 6, 2014

Geometry of the effortless two handed backhand.

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