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Attraction theory proposes that people are drawn to others who are similar, rather than dissimilar, to themselves. As the saying goes: “birds of a feather, flock together.” Unanimity is good. Similarity equals success. You should surround yourself only by those who think and look like you do. This similarity will propel you toward success, leading to a calm and steady society just take a look at our country’s perfect foundation. We also see this principle in nature through the competitive exclusion principle. This principle puts forth that two species cannot coexist if they compete for the same resources. Let us look at an example, shall we? Two birds found in American forests, the nuthatch and the brown creeper,  both pursue food from the same trees. Yet, while the brown creeper travels upward on the trunk, the nuthatch goes downward. They find and eat different insects in very different places, without obstructing each other. However, if these two species were in search of the same insects, and in the same locations, one would inevitably be left with the choice of migrating to a different area or dying out. We as a country must not die out. As a society, we must learn from nature. When aliens come into this country, we naturally cannot coexist with them. It is important for us to build walls to keep them out in order to ensure our safety. Be afraid of them. Be very afraid. What you feel is not hate, it is self-preservation. It is the organic way in which our bodies keep us safe. We will never understand them. They are a different kind. We must only coexist with our own kind. Keep the dissimilar ones locked out. Keep yourself LOCKED IN. Never try to understand, you will only corrupt yourself. Keep them out. They take our resources, leaving us with nothing. They come to our country and take our jobs. They are hurting our economy. THEY will be our downfall. We must make our country what it once was. One Nation of Purity. One Nation of Uniformity. We must not allow them to corrupt our holy values. We value family. We must protect our mothers and our wives . . . our women. It is an American principle to take care of those who brought us into this world. We must fight for them. We must take care of them. We won’t allow any aliens to hurt them. Everyone who has come into this country has done so voluntarily, but we have never chosen aliens. We have not used force, so they should not force themselves upon us. "You better watch how you look at me before I __ deport your ass." We did not ask for them. We are happy how we are. We have never forced anything upon anyone, since our founding. We, alone, have made this nation a pleasant country. We care for each other—but just ourselves. Keep the dissimilar ones locked out. Keep yourself LOCKED IN. Never try to understand, you will only corrupt yourself. Never try to understand, you will only corrupt yourself.

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Duration: 6 minutes
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Genre: None
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Posted by: ramird06 on Sep 6, 2017

Written and Directed by David Ramirez
Produced by Adayre Bevill and Aija Mayrock
1st Assistant Director Gabrielle Makower
Director of Photography Emma Herrmann
Gaffer Danny Choi
Key Grip Odie Burnatowski
Sound Mixer Vivian Lynn Gisle
Boom Operator Daniel Harris
Production Designer Marishka Douzable
Art Director Katusha Jin
Costume Designer Kayla Jennings Rivera
Animation by Scottie SweetHunky

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