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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~06:00:40 - 06:15:41

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I've told myself to eat less hot peppers. My stomach is always bothering me. Those Qinghai peppers in the noodles are way too spicy. Are there Qinghai peppers in there? I don't think so! -When have you ever had noodles without Qinghai peppers? -Well I haven't had them. I thought that it would be really crowded this morning at the market, but actually there wasn't such a crowd. -Today is the 22nd. -Ah! Cook the noodles a little firmer, overcooked noodles don't taste good. ---- Ms. Wei gave it to me! -Ms. Wei gave it to me! -Huh? It's from Ms. Wei -- teacher Wei. Do I look like the red army guys when they are passing the snow mountain and swamp? ... wearing leather shoes and sandals! -Ye'er'ba (lotus leaf sticky dumpling). -Hmm? -Ye'er'ba. Who is it? I keep a distance from him now. -He didn’t say that he has no money. -What are they shooting for? - Nothing He can do some promotions for you. Maybe he just wants to pretty up your shop a bit. Get us two, two ye'er'ba (a lotus leaf sticky dumpling). -Speak up a bit -- why are you so sissy? -I'm not comfortable. The Lees are selling that lettuce at 60 cents per kilo. -How big was it? -It was this big! -How was the color? -It was nice and green. -I sold some yesterday. -What? -I sold some yesterday. -They start selling at 5 am. Are we using the thick-skin vegetables and the bok choy sprouts this afternoon? Let's just use them tomorrow! Will the thick-skin vegetable be ok for tomorrow? Yes, we can use it tomorrow. Don't wash it now, then. -Let it dry out a little. -Then we can give it to Mister Ding. There should be enough from today. There's just those few vegetables. -What's that loud noise? -How should I know? The meal should have three dishes and one soup. There's tofu... There should be. - Potatoes, there winter melon? - Lotus root. Lotus root...are there only four dishes! There are potato, cowpeas, white gourd and lotus roots. White gourd can be boiled and braised, right? And what about the lotus root flowers? There weren't enough lotus root flowers! It’s so little that it can hardly be enough. There are one white gourd soup, Chinese cabbage seedling soup and cabbage soup. What else? There aren't any bok choy sprouts. But there that roast duck... Anyhow, he has the recipes, he'll take care of it. You eat it, you eat it! ((Ye'er'ba, lotus dumpling) I couldn’t eat that. Noodles are enough for me! There is no Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage is way too expensive! -It was too soft, right? -It was -- but I especially told him to get hard ones! It's because of the leaves, not the paste. (to be so soft) Right at the alley in front of us just now. -The wine factory? The little alley next to the wine factory? -Oh, the land next to the wine factory. -Is that land under development? It’s a wasted land. -I've never heard of any development! -It is the Jianchuan territory across there? -Jianchuan? Can’t be there? -Then what it is if it’s not Jianchuan? The sandy part Jianchuan is included. I saw fencing around it that day when I was passed by on the way to fish! I was there. I walked along river side next to that big bridge. What's that place called again? Chief Yang told me where ---- you walk this way, straight up. -What's it called? -What place are you talking about? The place that looks like a holiday village, what's it called? You said that some of your friends had dinner there! -How come I couldn’t recall the name? I know it's there! -Oh, I know. You continue down that way to the end! -It's not quite 6 o’clock yet? -Eh? -Not 6 yet? Still have half an hour left! Walk straight in from the school gate. We can enter when the gate opens. And then hurry up to the staff cafeteria right after we go in. I don't usually eat lunch there. But I can have lunch and dinner there if I feel like it….I have a card. Your brother’s card? -Liu Kai’s. -Who's that? Stop talking rubbish. There's better food there. How is the skill of the cook? It's because your vegetables are good! All of it's high-quality stuff. Seriously, I think it is cheaper to eat at his place than eating at home. It's true. It is cheaper than cooking outside! Sure it is! -Before teacher Wei told us to eat there and she also said that you get rice there. -It is right to get rice there! It’s not complicated. You can cook it yourself. Not yet 6 o’clock. We can call him to open the door at 6. Knock him up. -Get the lotus roots down here? -Why? -They fell down? -How come? It's leaning to the left! How risky is that! Oh, it shouldn't be a problem. Go a little slower, the filmmakers are in the back of the car. They probably haven't even unlocked the door yet! They won't open that one school door, and cars can't go in through the other side.

Video Details

Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 114
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 4, 2010

Kai and his partner stop at a dumpling and noodle house for breakfast. They are the first customers. After their meal, they head to Anren Middle School.

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