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Living life to the fullest - How to improve myself. Sadhguru

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So that's good we've already taken the first step We need to understand the difference between transformation and change People are always trying to change themselves Change means Now, this is like this If I make it like this, this is a change If I make it like that, that's a change If I make it like this, this is another kind of change The essential quality will never change When we say transformation The word "transformation" means that nothing of the old remained Something totally new flowered within you Now, you look at a rose plant, full of thorns Spring time came and rose flowers burst out It is a transformation The thorns are still there, there are more thorns than flowers But we don't call it a thorn plant, we call it a rose plant Because, that single rose Everybody's attention goes more towards that one single rose than a hundred thorns that are on the plant, isn't it? So all the thorns in you, may be you cannot remove right now But if one rose flower blossoms all that you know everybody is willing to overlook those things, isn't it? Yes? So you don't have to iron yourself out and straighten yourself out as you, somebody thinks it is a right way to be No, if you can just make yourself into a very joyful being whatever other nonsense and quirkiness and kinkiness you have people are willing to take it Yes or no? If one flower blossoms people are willing to forget all the thorns in you Now, you start plucking the thorns it's an endless process it's not going to happen So setting yourself right does not mean plucking off all the thorns and straightening yourself out and those people who have strived to straighten themselves out they have become so straight nobody wants to be with them Have you seen this? Somebody who's all correct do you want to be with that person? Horror, isn't it? So, this is not about becoming all correct If something in you blossoms People are willing to overlook all the thorns that are there in you. It doesn't matter anymore Even though there are so many thorns in the rose flower and just a few roses we still want to have it, isn't it? So that's all that needs to happen within you You need to blossom at least in one single dimension, if you blossom then all the other things will be forgotten by people That's all that needs to happen So if that has to happen what we should do? You can't pull a flower out of a plant you never thought about a flower but everyday you nourish the root Flower will happen, isn't it? So how to nourish the roots of who you are you have a mind, you have an emotion, you have a body but all these things are functioning only because your life energies are functioning, isn't it so? Yes? Are you doing the lub-dub right now? Or is it happening? Your heart beating are you doing it or is it happening? It's happening Your breath inhalation and exhalation, are you doing it or is it happening? It is happening Everything that is life, is happening, isn't it? Is it so? It is happening, you are not doing it If it was in your hands, you know what a mess it would be by now? Fortunately, it's not in your hands It is happening. So these life energies are constantly making you tick and happen And that's what you need to nourish If you make your life energies properly balanced and in full vibrance your body, mind and emotion will be in its best possible condition There is a whole science and technology as to how to do this It is this technology that is referred to as yoga But unfortunately only the physicality of yoga came to the West and now yoga means people are just all getting into knots impossible bone bending postures Yoga is the science and technology of nourishing the roots of your existence so that everything else naturally flowers Because you want a flower, flower will not come you have to do the right thing only then it happens, isn't it? That is so with everything in your life If you do not do the right things it will not happen If the right things are not happening obviously you are not doing the right thing

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Sadhguru answers this seekers question by relating to a rose flower in this excerpt from In the Presence of the Master series DVD entitled "Living Life to the Fullest."

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