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Hottest Tech Gear for 2015 - AARP

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[AARP Real Possibilities] [Andrew Zaleski, Tech Reporter] What is the Internet of Things? It's geek talk for WiFi-enabled smart devices that allow you to automate, control, and track virtually everything. It sounds cool, but a recent study by tech marketing firm Affinnova found more than 40% of people think current smart products are more gimmicky than useful. Here's a roundup of some smart gadgets that are more than just hype. [Tech2015 New ways technology can improve life @50+] Take the Insight Switch from Belkin. Plug this in between electrical outlets and appliances like your lamp or TV, and you can turn them off or on using a phone and an app. It also monitors electrical usage, letting you know exactly where you're wasting power. [Vitality GLOWCAP] Here's a bright idea: the GlowCap. It's a smart cap for a pill bottle that knows when you're supposed to take a pill. Set your schedule online, and when it's time to dose up, [GlowCap beeping] it reminds you. And you can input your pharmacist's info to call for refills right from the bottle. [Liftware SMART SPOON] For the millions of people with Parkinson's disease or a hand tremor, this spoon is revolutionary. It's called Liftware, and it's an electronic motion-cancelling spoon. There's a sensor in the base that moves the spoon in the opposite direction of the tremor, allowing the user to eat unassisted. Lift Labs, the company that makes Liftware, was recently acquired by Google, so expect a lot more of this assistive tech in the future. [Livescribe SMART PEN] And check this out: the Livescribe 3 is no ordinary pen. This might be the ultimate note-taking tool. Not only does it write and record audio, but by syncing with an iPhone or iPad, everything you write gets recorded. With the swipe of a finger, handwriting is digitized and can be saved as a document, emailed, or texted. The only catch is you need the Livescribe paper in order to get the pen to work. Technology has a way of going from cutting edge to commonplace in a matter of months. Maybe you don't need an Internet-enabled pen right now, but keep an eye on this new generation of smart devices.

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Posted by: aarp on Dec 3, 2014

Technology expert Andrew Zaleski demonstrates some of the year's best gadgets.

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