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Candidate Free Air Time: 2008 George Maziarz--Incumbent

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Hello. My name is George Maziarz and I am extremely proud to represent parts of the City of Rochester, the towns of Gates, Ogden, Sweden, Clarkson and Hamlin, and all of Orleans County and Niagara County in the New York State Senate. It's a very large and diverse district. We can all agree on a few things. First, the fight for reform must continue. I have been fighting for positive change in the way Albany does business for a long time. And that's why Tom Golisano's Responsible New York Group has endorsed me in this year's election. I was the prime sponsor of the historic worker's compensation reforms enacted in 2007. This year I fought for and achieved net metering reform which will help spur the creation of alternative energy sources as never before. Second, people in Rochester area need more property tax relief. I worked to develop and expand the STAR program and the STAR rebate check program. You may be getting a rebate check in the mailbox this fall thanks to these initiatives. I also strongly support Governor Patterson's property tax cap to limit school property tax increases, as well as many other proposals to bring about greater accountability in state and local spending. Most importantly, number three, your voice does matter. Public involvement in the political process will shape our region's future for better or worse. I hope to be able to continue to serve you as we strive together to bring about more reforms, provide tax relief, protect jobs, and strengthen our local economy. Thank you very much for your support on November 4th. Thank you to WXXI for allowing me this time.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 13, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is a WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. George Maziarz the Republican running in the 62nd Senate District.

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