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parody style

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oppa kim jong style kim jong style i am kim jong ul and i am not here to amuse ya no not kim jong il sorry for the confusion everybody says south korea makes the best k-pop but you know who does a better job ? do you? i'll give you a guest it's a country who's number one export is nuclear test the national pass time of people it's to be opressed did you guest north korea? congrats you are the best you passed the test and i'm the lider the great sucessor who'd of known? MEE.. I should have know yyayy I run for office but who'd oppose me? any of you? nayy how about you? nayy because just like thor my father chose, chose,chose me! k-pop kim jong style kim jong style walk-walk-walk-walk walking kim jong style let's chill for a while BACK TO WORK! hey! check out our navy fire fire shoot fire fire wiping out hostiles hey! no body is lazy work, work, sleep then work torture I think that you thought that kim jong age was almost done but just like friend or seinfield it is only a re-run because i'm like just like my father and his father kim il sung except that call me kim il fun, number 1 i got awesome hair, my daddy willed it to me because im his awesome heir you should come to north korea because we have awesome air in fact is the only thing we have to eat cuz food escase, check it on foodsquare i'm like the beattles, I make the poeple cry and scream. see what I mean I will swim in, I pick up women take off your clothes, suck on my toes I am kim jong un and I will never be oppossed dancing single file make sure and smile throw them on the pot without trial, kim jong style

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Posted by: haothesinner02 on May 22, 2013

parody of gannam

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