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Hello, my name is Clayton Voyles and I am the Manager of Business Analysis here at Wolfram Research. I hope you’ve enjoyed the talks so far— each one has demonstrated some of what is truly possible with the Wolfram Language. Each of these products run on our hosted environment, what we refer to as the Wolfram Cloud. While a hosted environment meets the needs of many users, we understand that some of you are looking for something different. As a result, we offer a private solution that can live on your own infrastructure yet provide the same Wolfram Cloud platform experience. A Wolfram Private Cloud enables you to power knowledge-driven enterprise applications, instant APIs, and interactive CDF documents created in and built by you or your Private Cloud users, which are immediately available to anyone you allow anywhere. Instead of paying per user, like many private clouds, you pay for processes. Essentially, a Wolfram Private Cloud provides unlimited users access and you pay only for the number of concurrent processes that you need. It provides complete control over your data and systems, who has access to them and what accounts can log in. Additionally, a private cloud offers secure, flexible deployment and managed-access content sharing across your organization, or across the world. There’s also desktop connectivity, system integration, mobile access and a host of other features. So how does this work? Well, first, you choose your product. You can either get a Programming Private Cloud, a Mathematica Online Private Cloud, or soon a Data Science Platform Private Cloud. Next, how do you want it installed? It can run on your hardware or on supported hosted services such as Amazon Web Services. The Wolfram Private Cloud is a self-packaged virtual machine that can run in either single or multiple machine configurations on these supported hypervisors: VMWare, VirtualBox, and KVM. By the way, the Wolfram Private Cloud installation with run within infrastructure that supports regulatory standards so you can easily maintain compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, GEOB, or other acts or requirements. You can configure your private cloud to utilize data drop, work with a private instance of Wolfram Alpha, or allow users to interact with it from Wolfram Desktop or Mathematica 10. There are many options. We also provide multiple levels of service support. If you have a need for the Wolfram Language, and I’m sure you do, there is a configuration of the Wolfram Private Cloud that can meet your needs. For more information, please visit to get started. Thank you for your time.

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