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DeLaval VMS

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DeLaval has been driving milk production for more than 120 years working with farmers all around the world listening to your needs we develop and manufacture complete solutions that offer you the dairy farmer true value and better control of your business we aim to empower you as our customer by giving you the freedom to choose the solutions best suited to your needs solutions which can strengthen you in your daily work How are you going to milk your cows today, tomorrow, and in 5 years? This is a question asked by millions of people DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS allows cows to follow a natural rhythm They milk when they like, in a calm and quiet environment the feed manger automatically adjusts to each cows length to keep her comfortable the cow is identified by the system and granted milking permission Feed is gradually dispensed during milking before milking the teats are cleaned individually using a unique teat preparation cup only a few seconds are needed for optimum sanitation the teat preparation cup has its own separate line so no dirty pre-milk ever makes contact with the milk line this helps ensure optimum milking hygiene each teat is gently cleaned with luke warm water and air the teats are well stimulated, pre-milked, and dried before milking optimum teat preparation leads to higher milk flows, shorter unit on time, excellent udder health and milk quality DeLaval VMS uses its agile hydraulic robotic arm together with 2 lasers and an image processing system for precise teat detection it truly sees the teats the robotic arm is fast and quiet yet very robust and gentle its repetitive procedures are consistent, just as the cows like it as there is no machinery under her, she stands naturally without risk of injury the arm easily accommodates high, wide, or low udder irregularities and teats with angles up to 45 degrees it also helps ensure proper milk hose alignment to reduce slippage and kick-off's 4 optical and 4 milk meters monitor deviations and abnormalities flow rates, yields, conductivity, and blood levels abnormal milk can automatically be diverted away from the milk tank meanwhile the management software recalls all the data and events to facilitate your management decisions VMS almost instantly detects any falloffs and initiates retraction then rinsing off the teat cup before re-attaching it the agile robotic arm optimally re-attaches the clean teat cup so milking can be completed there is even automatic teat disinfection after milking with the possibility to select various operational lags all the cups are rinsed inside and out between each cow the cups then face down so they can drain and stay free of debris that could otherwise fall inside programmable automatic floor cleaning allows your cows to stand on a clean surface at all times the optional DeLaval online cell counter OCC is exclusively available for VMS now you can get an accurate somatic cell count measurement for every cow at every milking and enjoy a wealth of information in real time. all the somatic cell count data generated by DeLaval OCC is processed and integrated in the VMS cow monitoring software along with reports and somatic cell count graphs there is more to automatic milking than the robot and DeLaval knows that a well functioning barn is essential for the success of your plans DeLaval professionals can help you design the whole barn to help your cows attain their natural cycles while encouraging frequent visits to the robot. the unique DeLaval smart selection gates offers you many opportunities to maximize your herd performance or reducing labor requirements Automatic feeding solutions are available for dairy cows and calves DeLaval has developed some unique milk cooling solutions specially adapted to the realities of automatic milking Cow comfort is a priority at DeLaval because happy cows make happy farmers you and your cows can benefit from a wide variety of cow comfort solutions the world acclaimed DeLaval swinging cow brush, rubber coverage for alleys and a wide range of cow mattresses totally unique automatic footbath to help you efficiently control lameness thousands of families have already handed over the heavy chores of milking to a DeLaval VMS and they now enjoy a more flexible lifestyle every single day in fast changing times, when increased productivity is at the center of all discussions you have the freedom to choose how you use your time better and improve your daily life how are you going to milk your cows tomorrow

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DeLaval VMS - robotic milking system

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