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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:46:09 - 19:01:09

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Zhanna, Zhan! Ouch. ― Zhanna. ― What? I'll be right back. Hurry up! I want too. I don't have... ― What? ― I am cold, I also need something... Oh! Give me the flashlight. It's not a flashlight. Zhanna, Roma. I'm all sweaty. Who wants candy? What kind? Pretty? Let's go catch them in the backyard. Zhanna, Zhan... Do you wanna ride this? Not there! Make a circle around the house. And then, do something there and come back. OK? You won't catch me, you won't catch me! ― Don't look, don't look. ― Why? Carefully, carefully. I am big! I'm going Andrei. I am going... Hey! ― Bright light, isn't it? ― Huh? ― Bright light. ― Mwa. ― I am a big man. I'm not using my hands. Zhan, let's... You wanna ride the scooter? ― I'll be with you. Where, where you going? ― I'm going, Zhan. Don't be scared! Look, I can... That lady will walk with a flashlight. ― So you don't get scared. Andrei, give it to Zhanna. ― You won't catch me! Give me my scooter! ― Give me my scooter! ― You were actually told to do your homework! Andrei, go do your homework right now. Zhan, you go there, I go there. I'll go from the back. We won't be let through. We won't let you through. Give way. Give it back to me! Give it back! Let's go sit on the bench. Andrei will come here, the taxi will come. Zhanna, please don't run. Am I running? Roma, guitar, ♪boom-boom-ba. Turn off, Zhan. I'll look, I'll be there. ― Roma, can I take the scooter? ― Go do your homework, Andryukha! Turn off the flashlight, OK! ― Roma. ― What? ― Go, you're being called. Let's go, because... Zhan, you go there, I go there. ― Zhan, are you going with me? ― Nah, I will... ― Hey, Zhanna. ― What? ― What's up. Andrei is not there, I went around the whole thing. Let's go there now. I know where he is. Zhan, why is the camera following you? Because. Mmm, I see. ― I've gotten used to it. ― Zhan, let's go over there. ― Come here. ― Look, we built that toy house. ― Huh? We built that toy house. Me and meat. Roma, be careful. Let's go, Zhan, let's go. ― He's... ― He's somewhere on the field. ― We do have a flashlight. ― Yeah. ― The best flashlight, right? ― Yes, the original one. ― Watch out, Roma. ― Zhan, come here. I can see my flip flops. Here it is. Do I have the flashlight? Zhanna, behind. Where is your flashlight? This? Not! ― Let's go inside now, Zhan. ― Let's go Zhan. ― Let's go. ― You. ― Because the light from the Americans. ― Andrei. ― What, what's up with you? ― Let's go, Zhan. Let's go, Zhan. ― I want the scooter. Scooter. It's somewhere there. Zhanna, look how tall I am. We will leave the scooter here. Let's go. ― Come with me... ― Roma! ― Ugh, I'm so cold. It's cold. Someone is lying on the ground! ― It's my... ― Flip flops? ― No. ― Here... I need to go. ― Let's go! Maybe flashlight... Walk a little faster! Come with me. They are not following us, are they? Mommy! Babaika! ― Let's go. ― And where not mine, we go without lights... Kitty. ― Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. ― Roma, let me ride. ― Huh? ― You are going to ride it there. ― No, I will not... ― I won't ride it. ― Can I take it? ♫Fau fau, fau fau, Subaru here, Subaru there. ― I need the grey flashlight. ― Which one? ― The grey one. ― Grey. ― Yes. Or I will not give you the cat. ― I don't have the grey one. ― Where is it? I dunno. Someone took it. ― I have the orange one. ― Where? ― At home. ― Bring it. ― But it doesn't work. Just bring it. Who are you doing it with? Roma, I don't know where it is. Zhan, come here. When entering the house, why do they turn the flashlight off? What? Let's go, Zhan. ― Give me the kitty. ― Take this, toy. Take it. I don't want it. Take it. ― Zhan, let's go. ― This is not real, and it's not a cat. ― Zhanna, you know what? ― What? Where is our cat? Let's go. ― You... ― But I need a flashlight. ― Well, you're not giving me the cat. ― If I give you the cat... Will you give me the flashlight? ― Which one? ― Whichever one you have. ― I don't have any. ― Or... Damn, I would feel bad about the ratty. Let's go, Zhan. Did you catch a mouse again? No, I didn't. Oh! Zhanna. No! I need it. Give it to me! Are you trying to go in or out, Zhanna? Ilyas, go out. ― I'll go outside. ― Give it to me, Ilyas. ― Hold on. ― Ilyas, give it to her. What for? You don't need it anyways. ― Did you not close this all the way? ― Zhanna! Don't go there. Don't enter. Here you go, take the cat. Roma. ― Roma this doesn't work. ― Doesn't work? I will not give you the cat. ― It's not your cat. ― But you won't touch it. ― I will if I want. ― Don't... ― It's not your cat! ― ♪But you won't touch it. ― How about... ― Bring the batteries, ask someone to put them in. ― It has batteries. ― Are they charged? ― They are fat like this. ― And? Let me see, I can fix it. Take the cat. This goes here, this goes here, where's the lid? Here.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 131
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 13, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 18:45-19:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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