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Flower Magnets (CC)

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Who would like to look in The Purple Bag this morning? Elizabeth? [Elizabeth takes The Purple Bag] [Elizabeth reaches into The Purple Bag] [Elizabeth gets a little distracted] [Elizabeth pulls out an object] [Elizabeth gets some help and then shows the object] Do you know what those are, Elizabeth? [Magnets] They are magnets. Yes. What's on the magnets? Flowers. We had lots of flowers on the altar last week; we have lots of flowers on the altar this week. Because flowers always make people happy. And they say ... this is a special thing. Yes! I bet you do. And these flowers at the bottom say: RISEN INDEED! Now this is gonna be a reminder to you that you are witnesses to that fact that Jesus has risen from the dead. And you know how you're gonna witness to that? Pastor's gonna give you a second magnet. Sophia, there's a second magnet. The second magnet is for you to give to someone else. Like you're giving them a bouquet of flowers. And you're going to make them happy when you you're going to tell them the reason you're giving them these flowers is because Jesus is your Lord and Savior. He rose from the dead. And their sins are forgiven. Do you think you can do that for me? Okay. So, you're to go and find somebody today - tomorrow, to share your extra flowers with and tell them that Jesus is their Lord and Savior, that Jesus rose from the dead, and their sins are forgiven. Okay? Any questions, this morning? Yes, Sophia. [Sophia remains silent] [Sophia remains silent] Question went away? If you think of it, you can ask me later. Okay? Okay, so you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our Hymn-of-the-Day: Hymn 756.

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Posted by: hischild on Apr 15, 2012

Today The Purple Bag reveals flower magnets with a message that can help the children tell the beautiful Good News to everyone.

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