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135 Value Systems

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Value Systems I'd like to draw this kind of design here. This is the Church or the Kingdom of God, and this is Corporate, Business. There are some values and principles that are unique to the Church, there are some values and principles that are unique to Business, and then there's this whole area of overlap where there is shared value. And if you don't think that exists, I fear that you need to open your mind a little bit, because what you're both doing in this overlap area, you're both building an organization, you're both building teams, you're both solving problems, you're both developing leaders, do you see what I'm saying? There's so much overlap right here that that's where the commonality can lie. Now, when it gets over here, when some people say: I've got to be cutthroat, I've got to eliminate all waste, and all that, the example I like to use is over here in the Church. One of my favorite ministries at Willow is to mentally and physically disabled children. We have a huge Ministry at Willow called Special Friends. Now, it's costly. We have staff and we're improving the facilities, and we've put a lot of time and energy into our Special Friends Ministry. On the Business side, they would say: what's the profit percentage of that Ministry? I go: oh, it's a total loser. And a hardcore business person would say: give it the ax, cut it off, we can't afford it. We have to answer to shareholders and stockholders. We can't justify that. Every extraneous expense that isn't driving profit has to leave. Well, I just say, OK that's fine on your side, over here we have a book from God that has a mandate in it, that says that we need to care for the people who are widows and orphans and marginalized and broken and forgotten. So even though it doesn't have a great rate of return, we have to do it! Because it's the biblical thing, it's the Holy Spirit thing, to use your expression, it's the Holy Spirit directed thing to do. So we have our distinctives here, Business world has its distinctives there, but let's share where we can, in this middle ground and find as much middle ground as we can.

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