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Return of the Ancestors - Part 2 - Healing the Earth, the Masculine and the Feminine

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For first I want welcome everybody here There are many familiar faces from ceremony and many were not at ceremony. We are gather today too speak about why the ceremony was called into existence in the first place. We are gather today to discuss why it is the Mayan prophecy, the Hopi prophecy asked for this ceremony to happen. And why it was on the days that it, that it was asked to to be placed on. And whats happen since that. For hundreds and hundreds of years the Mayans, the Hopi, the Native Americans here and elsewhere, the indigenous peoples have spoke about a day that would come on our planet when things would shift, when things would change. That our planet would literally die as it was. And come again a new. Many people, many many people here listen think "2012 it's all over" Grandfather Alejandro from South America has again and again said "Do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear." It is a death that does not mean we will all be destroyed but a death in how we preceive life, how we act out; we will change. This is what the ceremony was about. This ceremony helped healed hearts and helped healed man and helped healed woman and it sounded pretty harsh and very difficult and very painful and that's what we needed to do. It came to me about a year ago that the ceremony is now being asked to to come to the planet. And I was asked to hold a part of the ceremony and frankly it scared me to death to be in charge of something so enormous and be a little old me was terryfieng. First I know and I would like to say I am very human. I have many many faults. I am a young woman, who was not raised in the reservation of my mother But I have been being thaught since I was very young being thaught so that I may help bringing some new wisdoms that we are being asked too, be thaught to the masses at this time. As a young child I was not really like the other kids, which was very difficult. I saw things very very differently, in colors, in textures, in sounds so as you can imagine my childhood was a bit different from others; I was looked at as a little bit weird and it was hard, it was hard growing up, being extremly different But now as an adult I can see that these were great blessings. I understand how to speak to nature and nature does speak back to me. I'm not afraid to admit this now. I'm not a child anymore. And the lessons I've been thaught by mother earth, visistors from different places, beautiful ancestors with the grandmothers past Have given me some wisdoms as well as other people have been given these exact same wisdoms, to share with the people here on the planet at this time. This has a lot to do with the ceremony. When I became chairman, the grandmothers who did call said they understood the grandmothers past and the ancient ones had been teaching me since I was eight years old, which reliefed me. That's for sure because I thought I was have not as a kid. So it was a relief to be understood, not just understood but to be told that there is a group of people on this planet who have been given the same exact gifts and teachings as I have been. These are wisdom keepers, teachers and chairmans from all over the globe. Don Alejandro if you dont know who this is is the keeper of all Mayan prophecy. He is very much alive, a beautiful man. There is a group of people on the planet to he talks about. as wisdom keepers and teachers who will all be on the planet at this very exaxt moment. Bringing different wisdoms and teachings to, to the rest of us. I don't want to sound like I have the answers, I don't want to sound like "I am the great teacher". Because I'm not. I have many faults and I am human being but as a wisdom keeper I do also have resposibility. And so this is why we gathered here today. To speak about what this ceremony was, that took place. I have been a seer for many many years though I had never heard this womans voice before. And when I got to the place, Little Grandmother was there I asked who she was, because we didn't know each other and I was expecting an older person. I walked to this circle, they piontet to the tepee and there she was. As soon as I heard her voice I said you woke me up this morning. At the same time Little Grandmother was bringing me coming to the circle and she woke up and told them sister Wolf is coming we both made a connection at this morning. Like I said earlier, I was contacted about a year ago. And asked to perform the ceremony and there were three very specific things to take place at ceremony. One in particular, the first was we were charged with healing our mother earth. We think about this now what did she need to be healed off, but think about it our planet is dieing. Our mother is dieing We take without replenishing, we kill without accuse, For so long as human beings of this planet for generation after generation We have used our intelligence unwisely. We have become destructive beings Intelligence is a gift and yet we have used it too kill one another, rape and pillage, plunder the earth and so now part of ceremony was called that the fist day would be dedicated to the healing of this earth. To feel sorry for what we have done to her. To acknowledge what we have done to her. To realize once again that mother earth is not a rock that we live on, is not something that we own. She is very much alive. One of the wisdoms, the ancient wisdoms that have been lost and that have been asked to be brought back after the time of ceremony. It's a teaching that mother earth is very much, a beautiful woman. She is our creation of femenine energy. Her energy is what is what moves through each of us through the soul of our feet. She is what keeps us alive. And there is that rememberance that must happen. We do not own the earth. None of us have the right too dig her up or use her or neglect her. One of the things that I want to say now is part of the prophecy, part of the wisdom given to those of us who are in charge of speaking this might be hard too hear. But there are many many intelligence life forms out there, who love our mother earth. They love us as well, as their children. They want us to succed. They want us to remember who we are and take care of the mother. But I say with all sincerity: If we do not take care of the mother we will be removed. This is part of the wisdom that must be understood. Our Planet is sacred. Her creations, the creatures that live on this planet are sacred. We are the only creatures on this planet, that is killing her. We are the only creatures on this planet who kill, who take, who produce garbage. Mother Earth is a beautiful being. And she is quite sacred and quite loved by the universe. We will not be allowed to kill her. After saying this I would like to say something else that might relieve a lot of hearts in this room. The year 2000 remember how crazy that was everybody was thinking the computers are going to go down and everything is going to change. And then there was this huge sign of relief when the year 2000 came and went and nothing extraordinary happened. I say to you now something extraordinary did happen. We were judged that year we as human beeings were judged. And we were found worthy to try it again. And so we are all here. Because we have been found capable of change. One of the greatest thing who has been lifted off of us at this time is our sense of guilt for history sake. It is not our burden. Our challange is what he is to telling us is to be our higher selfes and to commune with our owns higher selfes trough our own hearts. I would also like to say that that everyone of us in this room everyone of us on this planet at this very time, where not just said to come at this time but where invited to come at this time Because we are the strongest souls. We are the strongest souls, the ones who can step forward in the midst of chaos and bring control back. Because at this time there are great truth that had too be hidden for thousands of years. When organized religion, organized groups of people have started to destroy one another. Sacred truth had to be hidden so they were not lost forever. For thousand of years the prophecies of the ancient ones. Have all told about a time on our planet, when this truth would be ashered back in. When the strongest of the strong would be on the planet to reclaim them and bring them back into use. The day that this would happen is a significant mark of that time on our planet would happen, when the ceremony would take place. A ceremony called "The Return of the Ancestors". If you think about it for thousands of years for thousands of years people waited for this ceremony to come. Generation after Generation prayed for the time to come. Of great change, when people would start stop living from up from thinking and start living from up the heart. This was the chance which was prophesiesed to come. And it would be ashered in in the ceremony. And it happened this April. It really happened. For thousands of years they prophesysed to come. And it happened. Many of us in this room got to take part in it. All over the globe it transpired in ceremonies. In sacred places accross the planet. This was no small day. The angels rejoiced, The ancestors rejoiced. And we truly did ashered in a new way of being. This was such a pivotal moment on our planet. For so long truth had been gone. And now this strongest to have arrived. One of the things that must be remembered is something very very significant one of the things that every wisdom keeper on this planet will tell you and is start and is being talked about right now is "remember who you are". This is no small thing. Remember who you are. What if for one moment I told you and this is for you to figure out im not a preacher, I do not believe in organized religion. For one moment think to yourself what if the set of rules we have been living by for hundreds of years are false. If they are false, what is true? I want tell you right now the truth is you. The great I am is you. You are god and goddes. Your highest self, your biggest self. The largest amount of love, creation, creativity, beauty is your great I am. I felt so much love and compassion, that I had a profound experience for a philosophy of knowing a long time which is the to be full of masculine and feminine interdependent. Each one of us has a great I am that is everything. that is all, that is god and goddes. You have one, grandfather has one, I have one, we are the great I am. This is the big thing that is coming to pass, this is what we most remember. This is what the wisdom keepers, the chairmans, the elders, the grandfathers, the grandmothers are saying now "Remember who you are". You are the answer you have been looking for. You are the ones that the prophecies have been talking about. You are the ancients souls that were told to come to change the world. To change you. To change each other. What if it is you. What if the answer is you. When everyone at the woman were praying there was a green cloud all around everybody that was there. There was no mountain, no trees, no nothing. Just this green cloud that had the men, women falling and mother spoken spaid: "Thank you". I speak for myself here. Although I know the other wisdom speaker chairmans and teacher are saying the same thing, but I speak for myself when I say No one is coming to save us, we are going to save us. We were invited to come to this planet each one of us which is here. Each one of us that is here. Found his way to this very room for a very specific reason. Because your great I am sent you here. If it is the greatest part of you that is brought you here and is placing you to meet other people you have nothing to worry about. Because it's the greatest part of you who loves you more than anything else in this world. And you that is taking care of you. It is the great I am that is placed you here. We are each responsible at this time. We are priviliged people. We are very priviliged to be here at this time too see our planet shift into something glorious. We are very special people. It is us who were saved to come at this very sacred time. When human conciousness raises to a higher level. This is part of the prophecy of why ceremony had to happen. When ceremony happened we would raise our conciousness. And I guarantee you anyone that was at ceremony would not tell you otherwise. Something did happen. As I was watching Little Grandmother Keisha and I was watching our sacred circle I felt this really strong sense that this is that somehow this was very important to what the feminine wisdom is going look like when it comes into its full power. The way that we were gathered and cocreating in the circle and the way that Little Grandmother was leading felt to me like the model for this new kind of leadership. The first day of ceremony in the mist the fog was very heavy. Sunrise was coming we could kind of see it the snow was kind of falling. It was quite magical. And as grandfather Peemee (?) stood and he ashered in the sunrise prayer and witnessed the forth directions our ancestors, Mother Earth the mist cleared right on top of the mountains. Right on the brim of the mountain came this shining silver and out came that sunshine. And I dont think there was one of us there that was not touched beyond words at that moment. Something truly magical happened. For those of us who can see. see the other side and see our ancestors. There was a gasp that happened at that moment. Because they came like the sea. I have seen since I was 8 years old. I have never seen anything like it. It was the most glorious, beautiful and beloved thing I have ever seen. Our ancestors came in waves. They brought their children and their elderly and it was glorious. It was an magnificent day in which we took one large chrystal and many many others offered at that time into the sacred circle that we made. Each one of us gathering stones to make circle Each one us set our prayers down in those stonen and we set prayers to the forth directions into our ancestors and we asked we asked forgiveness to our planet. I love mother earth. Since I was a child she has protected me, she is giving me warmth, she is providing me with food. I used to sleep in her trees and I used to cover myself up in her soil and she kept me alive. I know her very very well. She is my mother and she is your mother. And on this day with all of the other ceremonies happening across the globe we all asked for forgiveness. We all expressed our truest, deepest love for her. And as we did this we placed a beautiful chrystal half way into the earth. And we sent through this love and we sent her our hearts and promises to love and witness her and treat her kindly. And it was beautiful. We are all made our offerings to her. we set our prayers and all across the globe something extraordinary happened. There are things called lay lines. Most people know about lay lines. They are the ancient connecting energies that have once been on our planet connecting sacred pivotal spots on our globe to one another. There is land that represents the heart, there is land that represent belongs the feminine, the brain This earth is not a junk of dirt, she is alive very much alive and these sacred spots on the planet have been forgotten have been abused. And these connecting lines from one sacred spot to the other have been broken for hundreds of one hundreds of years. This ceremony was asked to bring those beautiful lay lines back into connection. And so as my ceremony placed our beautiful chrystal in the earth. and Bejing placed theirs in, and Australia placed theirs in, and Austria and the yellow imperials palace and all across this globe, Arizona of course. The different native american nations placed theirs in and we all prayed to our mother. We all prayed for the heavens to open and for a glorious energy to come down and help us. To help build these lay line again. Something truly, blessed happened. Like I said before I have seen different things since I was eight years old. With many many people who where at the cereremony I saw things for the very fist time. September the 12th last year I saw the first very strange pillar of light coming out of the sky and I had no idea what was going on. Three days later I got a phone call saying I have to do the ceremony. Still didn't understand what was happening. They got more and more and more as it came to Santa Fe to start doing sessions. It was two or three more pillars of light and then there was some on the mountains in Colorado. I still didn't know what was going on. But I tell you now as we prayed for mother earth on the heavens to open these pillars of light grew into one large pillar. And such an energy as I have never seen before in my life port down upon us. I have spoken to many of the other chairmans and keepers of ceremony and they witnessed the same exact thing. And I can say with a surity that the lay lines have been reconnected. This energy is now alive, breathing and is bringing alive to our mother earth that is not been here hundreds of years. The heavens have opened. The angels are among us. On this day an incredible thing happened prophecy came true. The second day was scary, I was scared I have been worried about the second day of ceremony for a long time. I didn't know how I was going to do it. Up to the very morning I think I bought, I was scared. The second day of ceremony was the healing of the feminine and the masculine. How on the world I was supposed to do this. Although I had been given instruction on how to do it, I didn't know how I was going to do it. Like many on our planet I too have been wounded by the adjoined masculined on our planet for thousand of years the masculine energies have ran rampant. And I didn't escape that either. One of three woman have been abused. the strong masculine into balance. Even now I have a hard time expressing it, because what happened that day was beyond words. I was terryfied because how was I supposed to hold such a ceremony. How in the world could I help shift these energies when I too had many many wounds. But the day did arrive and it arrived with a sea of ancestors around us. This day was extremly hard. It's not the end of the world, it's just the end of how we live. As I asked the men to form a circle around the sacred altar I had them joining hands and as I looked at these men Because what I asked them to do was terribly terribly difficult. What was aked of them was to go as deep inside of themselves as possible. And feeling everything negative that the mascular has done on this planet for thousands of years. I would like to say now that I have never seen such strong men in my life. They were the most beautiful, kind and tender loving men. And yet as they held hands they suffered beyond words. there was a cry and a weeping and a sorrow like I had never heard before. And as these men suffered for the rapes, the demolition, the killings, the wars to women and children and the land there was such an sorrow and such a pain, there was expressed. Some of them contorted, some of them bend completly backwards, some of the felt to the ground. This welding and this weeping and this god rention cry came from them. As this happened I was in charge of making sure they were safe. I was in charge of keeping the energy strong. Making sure that this sorrow was given to mother and to father where it was kept save and kept held. As I went from gentleman to gentleman and saw them weeping and hurting I placed my hands on their hearts, as I did I saw what they were seeing. And I felt what they were feeling. These men took on something, much stronger than has probably ever happened on our planet. They took on the pain of the feminine. These men also felt their own wounds. It is not just been the feminine that has suffered. Men have not been allowed to cry. Men have not been allowed to come from their heart. Men have had to kill, when they did not want to. And so there suffering was great. As this continued I kept praying let it be over. I didn't want to see anymore. The women helt hands in a larger circle on the outside of their small circle and as this was happening the women rose their energy to a very extreme high level to help these gentlemen and to give them love and give them strenght as they suffered. A feminine tenderness, a gentleness, a mothering was felt by these women who helt these men. At one point as I was going around and around things were getting quite intense and I began to see something that I had never seen before. And I have seen somethings. but as these men suffered, the ancient one, the spirits of many many others gentlemen were moving in to the men who were standing holding circle. And as these ancestors were healing their wounds through these men, the men cries would shift, they would change they were truly taking on the pain and the sorrows of others who have past. It was quite extraordinary. At one point the energy became too strong for me to hold and I asked the women too please brake any reiki masters and healers to please come into the circle and begin to help me hold this energy for the men. As I became very drained As we held them, as we put our hands on them finally the answer came: "It is done". I think those for the best words I could have ever heard. These men suffered greatly for something so beautiful. The feminine was finally witnessed. Their suffering was finally witnessed I say to you now with a surity something changed. There was a sorrow, that was lifted. I think by the time I said it is done and we all broke hands all of us wanted fall down and cry. I have said it a hundreds times since then and I will say it again there is a man in this room who were in that circle and I say to you I love you. I love you deeply. And I say thank you. What I realised when you said we need to put our old ways in the back and leave it on the ground was the thing the children who witnessed that ceremony. And could have acctually see men feel and expressed that level knowing that they were feeling the grief of what the masculine has done. And I will always bring my son to ceremony like that knowing that what he is learning is what we need to know now. The women had to go next. I was instructed to have them not make a full circle but a half of a circle.

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Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther, was asked to host a gathering in Santa Fe coinciding with the international events commemorating the Return of the Ancestors in April, 2009.

This is part 2 of 3 videos covering Kiesha's public meeting to describe the spirit infused event. In Part 2, Kiesha offers some of the prophecy she's been given from the elders to pass on to us.

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