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John Stossel exposes Michael Moore

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Do you have good health care? Lately I've heard that we americans get terrible care. That in Canada, Brittain and even Cuba people get much better care. In his new hit documentary, Sicko, Michael Moore takes some sick americans to Cuba. Check it the music he plays in the movie. All is happy and gay? Actually not everybody is happy nor gay. It is one of the poorest countries in the world Having said that, they actually done a few things right. Moore's movie claims socialized medicine - that is government run medicine - is great. And that is why Cubas get better care than americans. They believe in preventable medicine and it seems like there is a doctor on every block. When Moore's group arrived they were taken to a special section in this showcase hospital. I asked them to give us the exact same care that they give their fellow Cuban citizens. No more, no less. And that's what they did. Do you really think that's what they did? I know that's what they did It's an average hospital? Yes, they have a clinic in every neighbourhood in Cuba. This is not just me saying it. All the health organizations have confirmed that if there is one thing they done right in cuba, it's heatlh care. And there is very little debate about that. No, there is plenty of debate. These films that try to portray the health care in Cuba as superior are lacking in providing truth. Cuban born human rights activist Hussein Carlo says Moore's movie tells lies. And there are plenty of pictures like these, smuggled out of Cuba, that tell a different story A story about dewlappelated hospitals with bleak rooms where patients have to hang clothes to dry on the windows. Filthy conditions. Floors covered with bugs. Patients who are neglected. Some who starve. George Utze who writes the anti Castro website says Moore and his crew where taken to the part of the hospital that was reserved for privileged. Elites he says, get special treatment. They don't go to hospitals for regular Cubans, they go to hospitals for the elite. And it is a very different condition. One Cuban doctor told us that we are crazy of desperation for lack of health care. This Youtube clip posted by a woman from Venezuela shows the two forms of health care in Cuba. This one for the privileged who pay in dollars and this one, pharmacies with empty shelves, for regular Cubans. They live at least one month longer than we do. Moore claims that because Cubans get such good health care they live longer. It is true that a UN report claims they live longer But the UN did not gather any data itself. The UN simply reports whatever the government in Cuba reports. Exactly, communistic countries are famous for hiding the truth Why today would we believe the Cuban government statistics? Cuba claims it has low infant mortality The doctors tells us that the data is misleading, because when there might be problems they just abort the fetus. I personally used to make 70-80 abortions a day They told me that i should end the pregnancy. The doctors told her that her fetus had signs of Downs syndrome and should not be born. It was my very first pregnancy. I wanted to have the child. And there is something else they do. Some doctors say that if the child dies a few hours after the birth - they don't count it as ever having lived. It changes the number even though the same number of children may be dying or even more. Why would we belive these comparisons? All the independant health organizations in the world and even our own CIA believes the Cubans have a pretty good health system. And they do in fact live longer than we do But when we called the CIA they said we never said Cuba had a pretty good health system or that they live longer. In fact CIA says Americans average 78 years of life versus 77.1 in Cuba Again, the data that says Cubans lives longer come straight from the Cuban government Why believe what they say about how long people live? Not to direct your interview here. You know Cuba is the red herring, let's stick to Canada and Brittain because I believe these are illegitimate arguments that are made against the film and the idea of socialized medicine. And I think you should challenge me on these things and I give you my answer. Okay, next week on 20/20 we'll do just that. We'll spend the entire hour on health care and I'll fight with Michael Moore what works best. The private sector does everything better because they compete. The private sector does everything better? You are like so 13th century. I love this. That's next week. We call it "Whose body is it anyway? Sick in America". We'll be right back.

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Posted by: megakungen on Jan 25, 2010

John Stossel exposes the lies about Cuban health care in Michael Moore's movie Sicko.

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