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害怕恶魔! 巴士阿叔: 巴士少年的恐惧大解构! 教你永远不用再害怕!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Fear System Demon (em) this is the Fear Demon..(ahr) the Fear System Demon, so.. you're Probably Asking - "What the fuck is That?"..i.. when human beings Have Fears..i Scan your Life - Quickly, and i check if there is Any form of Fear - which is my Signature Inside you.. and then i Integrate myself into You, like what? in your Chest Area.. i bring More your Fears and Pictures, of Fears, and Illusions: Together Inside Me..and.. (Inside me Like - "Phew" Quickly), i..Transform myself into All your Fears.. i Project your Fears, through your mind consciousness system, into your Reality.. and then..i Manifest Your Fears (grin) you Can Face them, so..(ahem) therefore, if you have Any Fear Inside you: for instance - Fear of Loss..or.. Fear that Something Might Happen to your Child, or Fear that you might become in a Car Accident, etc. - that Will Happen, Why? because you're Creating it! Why? because you, as Me, are Manifesting - Together as One to the Projecting of the mind consciousness system - which you Are Creating - you Create your World, and we're just Showing you: how You Are Creating your World, and..Everything will Happen Much Faster now, because Everything is Compacting into a Compound, so..if you have One Fear.. i'd say About..(singing)..Month, maybe..a Week, maybe Two Weeks.. Depends on how Extensive your Fear is - it Will Manifest, or, i'll just Manifest it, as Quick as Possible - so that Everything Happen - maybe One day after Another.. Maybe Even in 24 hours, you'll Lose Everything in Your World..who knows? it's All Depending on You, Remember! i'm Not Doing Anything! we are Merely.. i'm Merely the Manifestation of your Fear..(grin) = as You. so, Don't go Blaming us, because that would be Impossible - Blaming us Will be Blaming (ahem) Thank you very much. this is the Fear (system) Demon and - this is What i Do Please Join us for Discussions - For Interview Updates: Join - Beyond the grave, More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN:

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Duration: 2 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: South Africa
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Posted by: destenichineses on Aug 5, 2009


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